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Terrorist TPLF Suffering Huge Losses in Multiple Fronts: Gov’t Communication Service

The National Defense Force is wiping out the terrorist group TPLF and registering victories at the various battle fronts in the Amhara and Afar regions, according to the Government Communication Service.

Head of the Federal Government Communication Service, Legesse Tulu said the dream of the invading group to disintegrate Ethiopia has come to naught by the coordinated attacks of Ethiopian security forces.

Most of the terrorists at Worebabo, Tehuledere, and Chifra fronts have been killed or wounded, he added.

According to him, the terrorist TPLF group has been devastated by the coordinated attacks of the National Defense Force and Special Forces of regions.

The head appreciated the support of the inhabitants of Amhara and Afar regions to the Ethiopian  forces.

However, TPLF is still resorting to human wave tactics as a last resort, Legesse stated, adding that children, the elderly, pregnant women, and priests, among others, are being used as cannon fodder by the terrorists.

Yet, the group is fabricating false information to terrorize people living in towns and cities in Amhara and Afar regions, he said.

Nevertheless, the head added that people should not be terrorized and leave towns and cities but  strengthen their support to the Ethiopian forces.

With the just cause of defending the invaded people of the two regions, the Ethiopian forces will defeat terrorist TPLF, he stated, noting that the terrorist group has no just cause to invade the Amhara and Afar regions.

Legesse underscored that there will be no peace in Ethiopia unless the terrorist TPLF group is destroyed once and for all.

Hence, Ethiopians in all corners of the country need to sustain their support to the Ethiopian forces and contribute their share to the effort to destroy the terrorist group.

The head recalled that the terrorist group has displaced many people, robbed and damaged properties, raped women and killed thousands of civilians in the invaded parts of Amhara and Afar regions.


8 thoughts on “Terrorist TPLF Suffering Huge Losses in Multiple Fronts: Gov’t Communication Service”

  1. Really? are you telling the people that everything is okay because TPLF is suffering a very huge lose after you run away form Tigray and from a vast territories of Amhara and Afar regional states and now you are on the very verge of giving Dessie ? Is this not a terrible and stupid political propaganda of yours ? You guys are the very causes a very serious political cancer that has engulfed and continued to engulf every part of the country to the extent of the very verge of disintegration . Don’t you have any common sense of shame and guiltiness when you tell the people that you are winning the very dirty and criminal civil war that is characterized by the very hypocritical, conspiratorial, deceptive, and cruel political thinking and action of yours and your former master , TPLF?

  2. There we go again. What happened to Jula? Where is he? I missed those fierce and rolling eyes of him during such briefings. Ok we are being told once again that Debre’s forces are dealt with telling blows. But this spokesman stopped just short of telling us that Debre has his forces destroyed beyond repair. Apparently he did not receive appropriate training by Jula and Bacha or he wasn’t paying attention during class. ADHD you know! Folks, just read what this spokesman told us. He goes ‘ Most of the terrorists at Worebabo, Tehuledere, and Chifra fronts have been killed or wounded, he added.’ Most of Debre’s soldiers were wiped out at those locations but did not say if those towns are now back in government hands. How about Mersa, Haik, Kuta Ber and other towns closer to Dessie? If this story is true how come Debre is lobbing one heavy artillery salvo after another on Dessie, a city home to more than half a million people? It seems to me that Abiy’s government has given up and abandoned Waldiya a city where one of the best stadiums in the Horn of Africa is located. Folks, you know what I think whenever I hear such battle success news from Abiy’s people? My reaction has been ‘what new towns are lost to Debre now?’ This person didn’t even tell us the number of casualties inflicted on Debre’s army. Who does he think we are? I have a blunt question for him. Who now controls those three towns you mentioned in the briefing? Does the government control them now? Try yes or no sir! Do you have the number of soldiers killed and wounded(not killed OR wounded) from Debre’s side? Again try yes or no sir! If yes how many killed and how many wounded? We don’t wanna hear ‘killed and wounded’ Mumbai jumbo. You’re trying to pull a fast one on us with that! Hello, how many killed And wounded? Hello, hello! I gave up!!!

  3. There you have it. Right after this glowing press briefing Debre has entered the city of Dessie. Residents had seen ENDF soldiers abandoning positions and hurrying out of the city. The city is in pitch dark with power cut off. If this is all true I expect one of the following two things to take place. First one is everything will go on in the city as if nothing has happened. The 2nd one is something I pray to never take place which is a massacre of civilians that will dwarf all preceding massacres. Let’s pray the 2nd one will never take place. Those of you who are close to Abiy, please ask him and his officials to tell nothing but the truth. At least there is dignified way called losing in grace. Don’t you dare try to tender your resignation now. It is too late. I don’t think even Beshasha will be safe for you. Shene will have you for a snack. Missionary canteens here will be a long and impossible way for you. Hey Bacha and Jula! Liar, liar, liar! Your pants on fire!!! Liar, liar, liar! Your pants on fire!!!

  4. There will be no stopping me now for Debre and his forces. It is déjà vu 1980. It seems he has found prefect beasts of burden from Amhara and Oromia regions. Doula? Copy that with Shene. Layne? Copy that with some individuals from Lalibela, Waldiya and now Dessie. He is gonna link up with the Doulas incarnates of Shene once he reaches Kemise. Then it will be a ride in the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado, baby. Debre and his forces’ feet will not even touch the ground from Kemise all the way to Addis/Finfine. They will be riding on well cushioned Amhara and Oromo beasts of burden, coolies. Is that pure luck or what? ENDF soldiers be saying ‘I ain’t gonna fight. Instead I’m going back home. I ain’t got honest leaders but story tellers. It’s all yours bud!!! Debre, you can have it all!!! Mommy, I’m coming home!!!’

    Some folks can make all kinds of excuses now. But for me, I now feel I have been cheated all along. Some smart alecks have played me very well. I saw hope and visionaries in them. I thought that time I have been wishing and dreaming for the old country had finally arrived in 2018. I gushed with excitement and elation like millions others. I really hoped in my heart and soul that Ethiopia’s debilitating nightmare was finally coming to an end. Was I wrong!! Was I taken for a long ride! Here is what I’m gonna do. The day Debre marches into the capital the curtains will come down and lights go out for me. I will just kiss and say goodbye to that 2nd love of my life!!!

  5. What a joke. Hate is not enough to win a war. How about you actually report the truth instead of wishful thinking.

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