The Daletti Massacre

(by A. Alemayehu) An unrelenting genocidal rampage has been unleashed in Metekel, Benshangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia. Since September, 2020, in the last five months alone, two hundred thousand civilians have been displaced,…


The Bulen Masssacre

By A. Alemayehu January 02. 2021 While supporters of Ethiopia’s ousted Tigrayan leaders are using their impressive loot and extensive international contacts to raise false alarms of a non-existent genocide against Tigrayans,…


Factors affecting Human Rights in the Horn of Africa

By Fitsum Achamyeleh Alemu[1] Human rights are not simply legal particularities; they are all-out social phenomena that existed in the sphere of economies, power relationships, social, cultural, and private life. The philosophical…

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