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About Us

The Habehsa, found at zehabesha.com, is a well-known Ethiopian news and media platform that covers a wide range of topics, including current events, politics, culture, entertainment, and more. It offers news articles, opinion pieces, and analysis, often focusing on matters relevant to Ethiopia and the Ethiopian diaspora community.

The website has garnered significant attention from Ethiopians both in the country and overseas, acting as a hub for information sharing and dialogue. As with any news source, its reporting and editorial position may showcase different viewpoints and biases, hence it is crucial to approach its content critically and consult multiple sources for a comprehensive understanding of any given issue.

The Habesha delivers comprehensive news coverage on Ethiopia, exploring various subjects like health, education, politics, entertainment, and sports. By presenting a diverse range of perspectives, The Habesha remains committed to providing balanced news to the Ethiopian audience. Additionally, the editorial segment of The Habesha emphasizes the advocacy of Democracy and Human Rights, highlighting its steadfast support for these principles.

Our main objective is to provide impartial and objective information to the public, focusing on a broad spectrum of topics such as health, education, politics, and sports. Zehabesha.com is dedicated to keeping its readers informed, with an editorial section that encourages diverse perspectives and viewpoints within the community.

The Habesha strives to exercise caution in the creation and maintenance of the information on this website. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, adequacy, or completeness of any content on the website. The website content is subject to changes without prior notice and may not always be up-to-date or precise when accessed. This site contains copyrighted material that may not be explicitly authorized by the copyright owner.

We extend our warmest welcome to you as you navigate zehabesha.com. We genuinely hope that you derive pleasure from your visit.

Alyou Tebeje is the owner and editor of The Chief – The Habesha. Furthermore, in the past, he oversaw the online platforms of Kinijit North America, KinijitMN, Finote Netsanet, and Andinet Party.

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