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The Habesha is an extensive Ethiopian news source. We provide balanced news, perspectives, and issues across the political spectrum to the Ethiopian community and committed to separating news and views while covering broad areas of health, education, politics, entertainment and sports, and its editorial section is committed to advocating for Democracy and Human Rights.

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Alyou Tebeje – Owner and Publisher of the Chief  the Habesha, previously he ran the websites of Coalition North America, Coalition, Unity Party, and “Finote” Freedom of Expression magazine.

አልዩ ተበጀ  የ መስራች ዋና አሳታሚ እና ስራ አስፈፃሚ ሲሆን ከዚህ ቀደም በቅንጅት ሰሜን አሜሪካ ፣ቅንጅት ፣አንድነት ፓርቲ እና ፍኖተ ነፃነት ድረ-ገጾች ይመራ ነበር።
# እባኮዎትን ስልክ ቁጥሩ የሚያገለግለው ለ ግንኙነት ብቻ ነው ።
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