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Let’s Face the Very Hard Reality if We …. (Tegenaw Goshu)

2 years ago

October 30, 2021
Tegenaw Goshu

As I always do, I closely followed the latest and painfully disgraceful political orchestration by the highly deceptive, disingenuous, conspiratorial, and brutal ruling elites of the federal and reginal executive branches of government in Bahir Dar. I hate to say but I have to say that this is a very vivid, straightforward, and disgraceful political gambling at the very expense of the people of Ethiopia whose great aspiration for a fundamental and truly democratic change of a political system has been terribly aborted more than three years ago.

It simply cannot be taken as a matter of pessimism to say that it is deeply painful to witness the very backward political attitude and behavior of ours still badly lingering and giving a very ample chance to the two factions of the same criminal political system of ethnocentrism (TPLF and so-called Prosperity) to go with all kinds of horrible things in their fight for their political power.  Yes, it is painfully sad to witness the continuation of the untold sufferings and bloodshed of the innocent people of Ethiopia because of the very lack or absence of not only political forces but also forces of educated citizens who are willing and able to live up to the expectation of the very meaning and value of what freedom and justice for all does mean.

Having said this as an introduction, here is my take.

I strongly believe and argue that the very root cause of the very untold sufferings of the Amhras and the people of Ethiopia in general should not and cannot be attributed to TPLF only even though it is true that this group was and is a master mind of a very cancerous political system (deadly ethnic federalism). But it must not be either forgotten or undermined that those who had served as deadly instruments of the system for a quarter of a century and now calling themselves agents of Prosperity should not and cannot go immune at all! They are parts and parcels of the root cause of unimaginable general crisis in the country. What is deeply and extensively painful is their latest statement after the meeting they held in Bahir Dar which is of course characterized by their  serious fear of  losing their political power.

Yes, this political game is nothing but part and parcel of gravely disingenuous, dirty, cruel, disgraceful, idiotic, and above all deadly political game of those same guys who had been doing any dirty and deadly political crime on behalf of TPLF for a quarter of a century. They keep committing a much more devastating political crime since they controlled the palace politics by purging out their former master (TPLF).

And now they are telling the people that they cannot deal with the very devastating civil war which is essentially the fight among themselves for the sake of maintaining their criminal political power with the military force they control. They are calling for civilians to fight kind of mob fight to save and continue their criminal political system of three decades.  The very hypocritical politicians of EPRDF/Prosperity are badly obsessed with this type of political orchestration not for the sake of peoples’ freedom and national integrity but for the sake of the survival and continuation of their own criminal political power. If they are genuinely concerned enough about peoples’ freedom and justice, they could not abandon Tigray and then allow or help TPLF to take away and control very wide territories of the Amhara and Afar reginal states which has caused and keep causing unimaginable suffering of millions and millions of innocent citizens.

I am sorry to say but I have to say that as these guys are intrinsically and chronically ill both politically and morally, they have never been and will never be parts of the solution, but parts and parcels of the deadly political system they have grown up and deeply indoctrinated for a long period of time.

So, the only reliable and long-lasting solution is to engage them with a very determined, effective, and all-round struggle and bring about a fundamental political system of truly democratic federalism.

There have never been, there is no, and there will never be any other political fight that could pave the way for the realization of a democratic country that can and should be the land of equality and prosperity for all her citizens than engaging those guys with a well-thought, well-defined, well-designed, well-planed, well-determined and well- done political struggle!

It is impossible to resolve any political crisis leave alone ours which is extremely messed up by those political merchants of ethnic politics and   continued causing unbelievable total or general chaos that makes us the laughing stocks of the world contrary to the very well-known history of ours. It is foolish enough to think that it will be possible to bring this very embarrassing political culture of ours  to its end without carrying out a popular uprising that should pave the way for the realization of a democratic and peaceful political system.

Yes, if we are seriously and genuinely concerned about the ongoing political chaos and crime because of the two factions of the same criminal political system (TPLF and so-called Prosperity), the only reliable and effective way is to wage a very serious and long-lasting political struggle.  Otherwise, the people will keep paying unnecessary sacrifices and facing not only the untold sufferings they have gone through for three decades but also a much more miserable situation.

It must be clear that those guys of the two factions of the same criminal political system will come into some sort of agreements that will prolong the untold sufferings of the people for an indefinite time.  And this will make the people to remain examples of repeated and horrifying failure and dependent on others even for their very basic needs (subjects of abject poverty).

Yes, if we are serious enough about the very dirty and dangerous political game of those merchants of ethnic identity politics after all this long period of time, we desperately need to do something effectively different from what we have done for three decades. Yes, if we must make a meaningful and positive difference, there is a need to wage a serious and effective political struggle and get rid of the very hypocritical, conspiratorial, and brutally criminal factions of EPRDF (TPLF and Prosperity) who may come into some sort of terms between themselves and continue their criminal political behaviors and actions as usual.




  1. The only solution right now is to abolish the current ethnic federalism and replace it with constitutional order that exalts and and guarantees individual rights above coll ctive rights like ethnic alienation. That solves the problem of all Ethiopians from every background. The real issue here is not anymore about language or culture equality any more even the TPLF and also their stranger baby PP try to show us that. The real issue here is the way Amaharas and other mixed Ethiopians that account for more than 60 percent are not only subject to second citizenry but lately with the extremists flanks of the ethnic nationalists on Oromo and Tigrayan are bent to apply the Germany Nazi solution to Jews this time around to Amharas. That is what is going on and I sincerely believe Abiys regime is not with full heart to resolve the Amhara existencial threat issue. He is doing everything to let the Amahara forces not be armed properly, he is not cleaned up his federal forces infested of TPLF/OLF sympathetic officers and members. He with collaboration of Debretion was probably behind General Asaminew and Amhara leaders mishaps. He is not doing or condemning officially all the slauther by Oromo extremists in his own Oromia region on non Oromos. He brought a war that was on Tigray to Amhara and Afar regions. I think with the west corrupt marriage with either TPLF or even PP the Amharas and Ethiopians in general that want true universa lindividual rights can only prevail if they stand with their own resources. Diaspora support groups should operate on crypto currencies to help directly the defence effort without breaking local hosting countries. Logistics that are not military grade but could be used for military propose like long range telescopes should be funneled to the ASF and Fano so they can have longer recognize field of their engagement. Currently they are at big disadvantage compared to TPLF snippetr holding militants and live satellite feed. Similar scouting and controlling strategic hills should be done by th ASF and Fano and if they are beseiged the air force should help them to fend off provided the Abiy chain of command is really ready to have that sort of collaboration. You can not ask people to defend their turf with Machetes when the enemy is coming with snippers and between the population there are heavy armed TPLF supporters. If Abiy was for real it should have armed the militias with real gun and ammunition and they sure can defend them selves and TPLF rats that pray on civilians would not stand a chance at all. But Abiy is fearful it the Amgaras are strong it is also the Riise of this pipe dreamed Republic of Oromia. So in the sense Abiy and Pp also need TPLF existence it self for their survival otherwisw they will be irrelevant to plunder the poor people in turn.

  2. One good strategy for ENDF and allied forces apart from cleaning its ranks from sellouts ethnic extremists is the use of jamming military communication frequencies in areas where the Ethiopian forces are not deployed and the use of decoys and simulated concentration of armament to feed fake information to the western master that use Satellite to support TPLF military operations. For the decoys cheap plastic structures are good enough and has been used extensively against USA intelligence stelites with good results on several conflicts.

  3. Sme readin t

    That puts in perspective how badlyanaged this war was after the first weeks of decisive victory over TPLF. TPLD only uses one or two strategies but yet Ethiopian side does not look to understand and prevent next TPLF moves even when they come anounced without intelligence gathering.and moreoveri it is strange why other more offensive strategies are not considered in the Ethiopian side to finish completely TPLF and its ideology unless PP needs as its political survival the TPLF nefarious polici s and ideological foundation.

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