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U.S. Invests 10.2 Billion Birr for the Resilience of Oromians

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, January 26, 2022/APO Group/ –This week, the United States through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announces two new investments of 10.2 billion Birr to lift up over 400,000 people across Oromia. Both investments—the USAID Ifaa and USAID Strengthening PSNP 5 Institutions and Resilience activities—will run for 5 years under the Government of Ethiopia led Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP 5), which is helping 9 million Ethiopians lift themselves out of poverty. USAID is the leading donor to the PSNP 5 and has invested over 60 billion Birr in it, since 2015.

This week’s newly launched activities builds upon over 220 billion Birr that USAID has invested over the last 5 years to empower Ethiopians

These two new USAID investments will ensure that hundreds of thousands of citizens improve their lives, and gain the tools and skills needed to achieve their dreams despite the risk of shocks, such as drought or locusts. The activities will rehabilitate degraded lands with soil and water conservation practices, will train young men and women with workforce readiness skills, and will make sure Oromians can grow and eat nutritious foods—among dozens of other PSNP 5 supported interventions.

These two new activities also illustrate Ethiopia and the United States of America’s longstanding partnership and shared interest in ensuring that all Ethiopians achieve prosperity, self-reliance, and resiliency.

“Together we desire a future of resiliency, where nobody – not a farmer in East Haraghe, nor a pastoralist in the Borena Zone – need wonder how they’ll manage the next meal for their children,” said USAID/Mission Director Sean Jones, at the launch event for both new activities in Addis Ababa. Also in attendance were representatives from the Ministry of Finance for Economic Cooperation, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Oromia regional state.

While this week’s investments will dramatically improve the lives of citizens across Oromia, USAID is likewise investing in the PSNP 5 in every region it is implemented.  This week’s newly launched activities builds upon over 220 billion Birr that USAID has invested over the last 5 years to empower Ethiopians across in the country and help people lead healthier, more resilient, and more prosperous lives.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia.


4 thoughts on “U.S. Invests 10.2 Billion Birr for the Resilience of Oromians”

  1. This very statement “oromians” is a threat to the national security of ethiopia posed by a foreign power(america). As ethiopians and africans we must quickly get our act together …this kind of disrespect to the dignity of our peoples and country is unacceptable.

  2. This is Good Ole USA as always at its best, It has been lending its generous helping hands the old country for decades. Ask those two ruffians in Moscow and Beijing to top that. They would be very happy to give you guns on PIA rather COD basis so you can kill each other to extinction. We all remember what happened in 1984-85. The former Soviet Union was the only superpower in that country for more than 7 years by the time millions were dying from starvation. Brezhnev and Andropov were only concerned about how much more Migs and tanks they would be able to sell to door knob Mengistu. By 1983-84 millions were starving and dying while the commie demons in Moscow were watching. Then who do you think put a stop to the famine and millions more from starving to death? Good Ole USA, that proved itself to be the land of tireless and endless philanthropists.

  3. The Humanitarian aid may be coming from Newyorkians or Atlantans or African Americans. America is divided in to many states and nationalities.

  4. Zehabesha has failed us once again to check its sources. Zehabesha is in fact publishing lies as long as they present Abiy Ahmed in a bad light. Remember Zehabesha had demanded a couple of weeks ago that Abiy should resign!

    The story line as shown in US Embassy/USAID page reads,
    “U.S. Invests 10.2 Billion Birr for the Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in Oromia Region.”

    “U.S. Invests 10.2 Billion Birr for the Resilience of Oromians” is posted by Nigerian Online News (registered as What is curious is that the Nigerian News also attached a pic of Ivanka Trump with Abiy Ahmed from April 15, 2019 file!! In other words, the (willfuly) ignorant NNN wants us to connect US aid with Trump!! That’s outright deception, not journalism!!

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