Latest Atrocious attack by TPLF in Afar displaced more than 200,000

Ambassador Taye

The latest atrocious attack by TPLF in Afar Region of Ethiopia displaced more than 200,000 people, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations (UN), Taye Atskesselasie disclosed.

The Ambassador said the latest atrocious attack by TPLF on Abala and Magale towns; Barahle, Erebti areas in Afar Region displaced more than 200,000 people.

Humanitarian relief completely blocked by TPLF, Ambassador Taye stated.

“These wicked attacks are planned and executed to inflict more suffering on the people of Ethiopia,” he added.


3 thoughts on “Latest Atrocious attack by TPLF in Afar displaced more than 200,000”

  1. You talk about the latest atrocities by TPLF whereas it is self-evidently and horribly true that you and your so called Prosperity and faction of TPLF/EPRDF of a quarter of a century and that has committed unprecedented politically motivated atrocities for the past three + years is responsible and accountable as well.

    You guys of so called prosperity cannot make yourself immune from a very huge and deeply horrifying political crime you have committed and continued to so simply by blaming your former brain- father of evil political behavior and action ! The very blood of millions of innocent Ethiopians is in your bloody hands !

  2. These deacons/darasaas of Marx/Lenin/Mao triads are at it again. They are staying steadfast true to their demonic scripture of commie sickness. Their conviction is violence and their temple is the barrel of their gun. This destructive behavior will only make the effort of those who try to mediate for lasting peace very difficult if not impossible. You see, that is how commies always behave. They are tested positive with a deadly viral infection of the demonic scriptures of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. I hope and pray that those upright people of Tigray will somehow find the courage to stand up and tell these goons riding on their backs enough is enough and do that soon. This aggression shows that Debre and his cabals are unteachable about the merits of peace. It is sad but overwhelmingly proven true.

  3. Why cry at the UN when Abiy and PP are the reason for the atrocities?
    Who do your PP and Abiy think is fooling? It is an open secret that Abiy and PP have betrayed the people, Army and their oath.
    This is not the first Abiy’s or PP lie, deceit, confuse and convince idiotic tactic. Evil, strait faced lie and deceitful behavior of Abiy and PP/EPRDF are all inherited from their former evil bosses TPLF. They are doing what they know best and comfortable with.

    Ethiopians should held those immoral people responsible and accountable for all the atrocities and devastations happened in Amhara and Afar regions. Abiy wanted more atrocities and devastation to Amhara and Afar people including weakening their economy while keeping out the Oromo fighters from taking risk in the war helping the economy of the Oromia region.

    Abiy does not want to fight TPLF savages where they are.
    Abiy let the fight to happen on Afar and Amhara land! He ordered the Fed Army, Afar and Amhara militias fighters, militias and Fano to stop and not to pass Tigray’s border after being invaded. He ordered to wait and attack only after attacked. What can be a more sinister and deliberate plot against Amhara and Afar than that?

    He has no shame when Abiy said the war is won and over while negotiating with TPLF and releasing the top echelon of Terrorist TPLF.

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