The terrorist organization, TPLF confirmed getting satellite support from an international organization

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The terrorist organization, TPLF  confirmed in the attached leaked audio circulated on 26 October 2021  that they have been getting    satellite support in video and audio  from an international organization providing  humanitarian services in Ethiopia. This leaked audio disclosed that they are getting  military support  to identify the movement of Ethiopian military inside the country. The support includes SAT PHONES, RADIOS,  GPS Locator, satellite imagery , earth observation and geographic information so that the rebels could have a better position    to carry out terrorist activities. UNHCR, WHO, WFP,OCHA , UNICEF and USAID  are suspected of executing this activity. The Secretary General has an obligation to initiate an independent investigation into UN agencies emergency response to the crisis in Tigrai. Lives are at stake and the reputation of the UN is on the line.

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  1. what the western countries want from Ethiopian? what made the western country such corrilation with the tplf Andrea what is their engagment. ?

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