The Amara Genocide Is Intensified, but the Medias Are Silent!

By Belayneh Abate

The Amara genocide is intensified to eliminate Amaras and Christians from the Eastern, South, Central and Western parts of Ethiopia. But most of the onetime vocal “independent” Ethiopian medias are in deafening silence. It appears these medias are joining the genocide denier rulers, who are accused of participating in the continued Amara genocides directly or indirectly.

In October 2019 and June, 20020, we saw the gruesome slaughtering of Amaras and Christians of other ethnic groups in the southern, Eastern, Western and Central Ethiopia. As Ethiopians and part of the world population know,  the barbarian killers were shouting “get out Amara”, get out neftegna (a code for Amara), get out orthodox while they were killing the martyrs they identified prior to the killings. These heinous    barbarians  murdered even nine-month pregnant women in front of her children shouting, “kill the  unborn and the would be Christian.”

In September, 2020, they identified and slaughtered Amaras including toddlers, women, and elderly in North western part of Ethiopia. How further can genocide go  beyond the killing of unborn child, infants and toddlers based on his possible future identity? [2-7]

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When the barbarians were slaughtering the unborn babies, children, pregnant women, the youth and the elderly, the local administrators  and security forces were watching idly  and, in some instances, reportedly participating in the killings. When the barbarians burned  the businesses and houses of citizens in Shashemene following the lists they compiled, they first controlled the gas stations to have unrestricted access for petroleum they used to ignite the fires. The local administrates and security forces did nothing to stop the burning of the residences and business centers of the victims. These evidences confirm the already established  facts that genocides do not occur without direct or indirect participation of local, regional or central governments. [2-7]

The central, the regional and local “governments” are now flatly denying genocide to complete the tenth stage of genocide and to insert sharp spears in the broad wounds of the genocide survivors and our conscience. Just like the other genocide- denier governments in history, these ruthless rulers  have started their futile attempt to destroy the evidences of genocides.  They are intimidating  genocide survivors  not to talk about their ordeals and forcing witness not to give information to the local and international medias.

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Furthermore, they are  incarcerating courageous and historical journalists that exposed  the genocides. No doubt these courageous incarcerated journalists will be rewarded on earth and in heaven when justice prevails as those timid and liar journalists who cover up the genocides will be cursed  in history and the coming generations.

As it happened during the Jewish Holocaust, the actors of the genocides are not the only heartless people who are flatly denying the full-blown Amara and Christian genocides. Many disgruntled individuals are shamefully denying these genocides. Furthermore, many radio and television stations, websites, newspapers, magazines and websites are also denying these genocides either through intentional cover ups, or through dereliction of duties.

It is an unavoidable responsibility of this generation to make the primary actors, collaborators and genocide deniers  face national and international justice. This responsibility should not be left to the next generations as it happened to the current generation of the Armenians.

In the meantime, the genocide survivors need physical, mental, and emotional support to mitigate their sufferings from  post-traumatic syndromes. Children who have seen their parents slaughtered like Easter lambs and dragged on streets like tree branches will never have a normal life. Parents who have seen their children beheaded and denied  timely burials will never live  healthily lives. Therefore, the genocide victims shall receive timely justice, and the genocide survivors should get strong assistance from the public, Churches, Mosques, psychiatrists and psychologists.

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The Ethiopian independent medias please stop being the habitual spectators of genocides and make grave historical mistakes. You shall not keep quiet as nothing has happened since you do have  humanistic, moral,  citizenry and professional  responsibility to report the genocides, and expose the individuals involved in committing the genocides.

Stop the Amara  and Christian genocide now!

End notes: (all last accessed on August, 2020)


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September 20, 2020


  1. Subject: “The Amara Genocide Is Intensified, but the Medias Are Silent!” By Belayneh Abate, ZeHabesha, September 20, 2020.

    Humble Commentary, 20 Sept 2020
    Needless to say, it is wrong, cruel and against civilized law to target one RACE inflicting animosity up to the LOSS of LIFE — in this case, the Amara Race. One can’t help wondering: would such a cruelty, criminality and uncivilized manner happen during the era of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Kings of the Tribe of Judah? Are we witnessing a hidden message of the past? How about tommorow? Indeed, can Ethiopia DEVELOP with such animosities, directly proportional to the string of RACES? JUST an HONEST QUESTION. THE END

  2. In a recent article you missed on the same topic called: Hate Speech on Facebook Is Pushing Ethiopia Dangerously Close to a Genocide

    “Ethiopia has been in a state of perpetual ethnic violence for the past few years, and it’s hard not to see Facebook and other social media platforms as culprits. Facebook may not be the perpetrator of violence in Ethiopia, but it is a breeding ground for hate.”

    And the people that are spreading the hate are fake names AND TPLF agents like Belayneh Abate (a.k.a. TDAL)

    So please let’s not go down that road here

    Ethnic violence set off by the assassination of a popular singer has been supercharged by hate speech and incitements shared widely on the platform. From a report:

    Throughout his life, Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa sang about love, unity, and raising the marginalized voices of his Oromo ethnic group. He had always tried to keep his work and politics separate, saying, “Art should not be subject to political pressure.” But it became increasingly difficult for him to keep these two worlds apart, thanks to a politically-motivated disinformation campaign orchestrated on Facebook through a network of newly created pages and designed to demonize Hundessa. The incendiary campaign claimed Hundessa abandoned his Oromo roots in siding with Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy. Abiy, Ethiopia’s first Oromo leader, has been heavily criticized by hard-line Oromo nationalists who believe he has abandoned his heritage by appeasing other ethnic groups. The impact was devastating.

    Hundessa was assassinated on June 29 while driving through the capital Addis Ababa. The man police charged with Hundessa’s killing told prosecutors that he was working as an assassin for the Oromo Liberation Front, an armed nationalist group linked to numerous violent attacks — and who told the shooter that Oromia would benefit from the death of one of its most famous singers. Hundessa’s death at age 34 set off a wave of violence in the capital and his home region of Oromia. Hundreds of people were killed, with minorities like Christian Amharas, Christian Oromos, and Gurage people suffering the biggest losses. This bloodshed was supercharged by the almost-instant and widespread sharing of hate speech and incitement to violence on Facebook, which whipped up people’s anger. Mobs destroyed and burned property. They lynched, beheaded, and dismembered their victims. The calls for violence against a variety of ethnic and religious groups happened despite the government shutting down the internet within hours of Hundessa’s murder. Soon, the same people who’d been calling for genocide and attacks against specific religous or ethnic groups were openly posting photographs of burned-out cars, buildings, schools and houses, the Network Against Hate Speech, a volunteer group tracking hate speech in Ethiopia, told VICE News.

    These attacks reflect the volatile nature of ethnic politics in Ethiopia. Abiy’s rise to power in 2018 led to a brief period of hope that Ethiopia could be unified under the first Oromo to lead the country. But that quickly evaporated, and the country has since been wracked by violence, coinciding with a rapid increase in access to the internet, where Facebook dominates. And rather than helping to unify the country, Facebook has simply amplified existing tensions on a massive scale.

  3. Media plays a big role either in stoping or launching a Genocide (See Rwanda, Yugoslavia, etc.) So website editors also need to vigilant in rejecting Genocide related articles by unknown writers. Ethiopians are particularly vulnerable because unfortunately we have developed a culture of unanimous political writing as if it’s normal. The truth is it is not normal , it’s dangerous and and it much stopped. If the person can not identify him/her self then they should not be allowed to writing anything that has to do with mass violence and other mischief that lays the ground for divisive politics. The articles are usually written by a single or handful of dedicated people but has deep and negative longterm consequences. In Rwanda it only took 3 months and couple of hateful and drunken radio hosts to wipe out an entire populations. So those who consider themselves media need to do their job and help protect our society. Once it’s too late it’s what’s the point of crying over a spilled milk.

    ታሞ ከመማቀቅ አስቀድሞ መጠንቀቅ.

    ያምራል ብለው ለነብር ልጅ አይድሩም

    ያምራል ብለው ከመናገር ይከፋል ብሎ መተው

    ያምራል ብለው ከተናገሩት ይከፋል ብለው ያስቀሩት

    Thank you.

  4. Ato Observer,

    So the lady with her child in the picture is nothing for you! For you, this kinds of crimes should not be known. What a cruel person are you. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Amaras in Wolqait and Raya are much safer than the Amaras residing in the areas where PP’s/Abiy’s security apparatus are present.

  6. Belayneh Abate,

    First, the media is not silent. You are wrong about that. Second, the use of photographs of mother and child victims in propaganda posters are not new. We’ve seen that movie before in Rwanda, Yugoslavia and Somalia. What is disgusting is that you employ these images (likely without permission) to manipulate public opinion for your own hidden political agenda to further destabilize Ethiopia. We all have seen the news that intercommunal fighting in Ethiopia left at least 120 people dead this month and forced hundreds more to flee their homes, according to the opposition National Movement of Amhara. The killings in western region of Benishangul-Gumuz started on Sept. 6 and followed similar attacks by militiamen over the past months, Dessalegn Chanie, a spokesman of the NaMA party, said on Thursday. Thd media also reported that Prime Minister Abiy has started ‘operation’ against perpetrators. The “sporadic security incidents” are “perpetrated by groups aimed at overturning the reforms journey,” Abiy said Thursday on his Twitter account. “A special operation will be activated to hold accountable all perpetrators with the oversight of the Attorney General.”

    Now that your baseless claim has been debunked what’s your real motivation? The use of the crying woman subjects afford’s your flexibility to construct narratives with propagandistic value to emotional manipulate the unsuspecting public. To set aside the sympathy we extend to others beset by war and murderous politics for a reflection on how our privileges are located on the same map as their suffering, and may – in ways we might prefer not to imagine – be linked to their suffering is a task for which the painful, stirring images supply only an initial spark. Your end result is to ignite a full blown civil war and genocide in Ethiopia.

    And if horrific, disturbing images of conflict and suffering provoke only sympathy and an initial spark for reflection, then why are they reproduced unendingly this manner? Many of the photographs that emerged from the recent violence remain arresting, disturbing, and emotive today, in spite of fears of the normalisation of atrocity photography in the modern era. The use of atrocity photography in propaganda posters is part of a much larger wicked plan.

    If you don’t have a hidden agenda then why not identify yourself? Is that too much to ask at a time that our country is battling for survival against ethnic nationalists?

  7. Zewudu,

    Sorry papa, but you’re barking at the wrong tree again. I am just a member of the public reacting to the fake name author TPLF agents Belayneh Abate (a.k.a. TDAL). አህያውን ፈርቶ ዳውላውን።

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