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Who is Misleading Who? The Case of the Grand Renaissance Dam

September 19, 2020

By G/Kirstos Abbay
September 21st 2020.

The case of Abbay (Blue Nile) River is indicating the sign of aggression against sovereign right and an intrusion in The Ethiopian Internal affairs. No one in this world who thinks is just, cannot ignore this contemporary issue that is deliberately brewing in the Sub Saharan Africa. Ethiopia has been tolerating if not millions thousands of provocations by Hallucinated Egypt’s Government for hundreds of years. The idea of constructing a dam on the Abbay River was conceived about five hundred years ago by a few Ethiopian Emperors in ancient times. The construction has been postponed up to now due to several factors. One of these was the negotiation made between the governments’ of Egypt and Ethiopia. This includes The Kingdom of Egypt annual payment of 500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Maria Theresa (silver Coin) for Ethiopia as a compensation for soil erosion.

This agreement had been practiced for many years until the European Colonisers massively invaded the African Continent. It is clear that which European country colonized Egypt, and that country has no good reputation in global politics, rather it is mostly known as anti-peace time bomb plotter, and cancer in the making of the modern world. Ethiopians knew how far Egypt had been exercising such trend to control the development of Ethiopia.

Ismail Pasha

There were several attempts, from direct military invasion through the port of Massawa (Eritrea) in the north, and through Somalia in the East. In 1874-1876 Ottoman Khedive Ismail Pasha of Egypt had employed about fifty American military officers, and Swiss General known as Munzinger to control Ethiopia. Both attempts had failed due to the bravery act of the Ethiopian patriots.

­­­­That was not the end; Egypt’s Government have been supporting different rebel groups from 1974 up to now, including Ziad Barre of Somalia, Jabeha and Shabia of Eritrean secessionists, TPLF (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front), OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) and WSLF (Western Somalia Liberation Front) and many others. Not only these but also, Egypt has been practicing different types of biological warfare against Ethiopia. These also include crop fungus and weeds, and also human and animal infectious viruses for many years to demoralize the people and to drag the nation’s development.

The most surprising thing is whenever the Ethiopian Government plans huge projects Egypt has been actively lobbying with the expected financial donors not to finance any Ethiopian project. They have been running fast to closing the doors of every possible avenue. There is no wander that Egypt’s government is hypnotised by its colonial masters. It has been cloned to act doing evil things against the Ethiopian Nation. The only reason for this is the Abby (Blue Nile) River.

The Abbay Renaissance Dam has been planned to be constructed Ninety Two years ago by The US Government Aid. American Engineers came to Ethiopia in 1932 and surveyed the site up to 1934. The construction of the dam was to be started the following year in 1935. This huge project brought a very big concern to the European Colonisers that was controlling Egypt. They thought it will affect their cotton farms that supplies raw materials for their textile factories, and sesame farms that produces edible oil for their people. Then the cunning coloniser designed a double edge sword diplomatic strategy.

The first was to instigate the Italian Government to invade Ethiopia, assuring they will give any technical and diplomatic support, ignoring the charter of the League of Nations (a member country invading another member country). The second was advising The US Government to withdraw the engineers from Ethiopia, stating the region is going to be a battle ground and it will not be safe for their subjects to stay there. In those days, USA was not a member of the League of Nations.

Then, USA Government accepted the advice and took out the engineers from Ethiopia. That was a very big betrayal committed by The US Government against Ethiopia. If The USA Government said “We have started a project and we will never go out of Ethiopia before we complete our project!” then, Mussolini led Italy will never dare to invade Ethiopia, because it will be against the interest of The American Government.

This evil strategy made a fertile ground for Mussolini to invade Ethiopia with mechanized artilleries including bomber plains, and used globally denounced mustard gas. This brutal act have killed not only innocent Ethiopians but also, damaged the heavily rich flora and fauna of the countries heritage.

In 1973 Emperor Haile Selassie went to The USA seeking military aid, for Somalia’s President Ziad Barre was preparing to invade Ethiopia. The King was certain to get the expected military aid from the USA government, because Ziad Barre was supported by Soviet Union, and Ethiopia went war to South Korea and The Congo supporting USA. The then President of USA was Richard Nixon and he was not enthusiastic to give military aid, instead he was willing to allow purchase for cash money.

The king was not pleased with such type of negligence, and disgraceful treatment. Anyhow, the Emperor paid the money and came back home. When President Nixon was impeached due to Watergate Scandal, and was succeeded by Gerald Ford on the 8th August 1974, and 20th January 1977 President Jimmy Carter took office.

It was unfortunate for the Emperor, as soon as he arrived in Ethiopia there has been civil unrest brewing and people’s reaction against his kingdom. University students were the promoters for the change of his government. There were many slogans drafted like ‘Land for Farmers’, gradually the national army joined the revolt.

All of a sudden, the army used their military communication devices and formed a committee later known as the ‘Derg’ (a military Junta) and took the charge. This volatile condition gave courage to the aggressor and Somali troops invaded the country in 1977 before the purchased weapon reached Ethiopia. Ethiopians who lived in the frontier were severely affected, many people were killed, and huge number of camels, and cattle were robbed. Totally it was a very tragic experience for Ethiopians after the Italian aggression in 1935.

The Derg (Military Junta) cabled President Jimmy Carter to expedite the weapon explaining the real situation. The new President neither had enough knowledge of the region nor about the close friendship of Ethiopia and America. His response was negative, but he didn’t repent his remorse until now if he was biased by an outsider. We believe it was a hypocrite act.

Due to this fact, Ethiopia had to seek for another alternative to defend its sovereign territory. The only option they found was to go to Moscow seeking immediate military aid from The USSR Government. Though there was ideological deference, God fearing Christian country Ethiopia, submitted to the denounced Atheist Communism for the sake of its sovereign right. Following this accord with the USSR Government, 20 years of ideological and military aid agreement was signed

President Jimmy Carter

This was the real fact that Ethiopia was forced to take a bitter decision because of the betrayal of President Jimmy Carter led American Government. If this was the end it was good, but also the weapon that was cash purchased by Emperor Haile Selassie 1st was given to the enemy Ziad Barre Troops by this immoral president of The USA.

President Jimmy Carter made these grave mistakes and lost strategic Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa. It is clear that the President had no idea about the Arab Israeli war in the 1960’s. If he had even a clue about it he wouldn’t commit such stupid mistakes. After this, Ethiopia became out of reach for The USA Government.

It was a very big loss for USA, but the next leader President Ronald Regan took the case seriously and started to devise a new strategy to regain the lost Ethiopia. His vice president George Bush Senior went to The Sudan Khartoum, and talked to TPLF rebel leaders and vowed to give any assistance to overthrow the Communist Derg regime. The rebels received hundreds of Mercedes Heavy trucks, modern military communication devices, medicines, packed food rations, as well as cash money.

Besides, there was extensive media coverage given, praising these rebels and demonising Colonel Mengistu’ Derg Regime. There were several attempts done to change the government of Ethiopia, especially the loser Ex-President Jimmy Carter have devised many ways to disintegrate the army Generals and to make a coup d’état. He flew several times to Nairobi, Kenya and he was not honoured to get entry visa to Ethiopia.

President George Bush Senior

In 1991 America had the opportunity to interfere into the Ethiopian Affairs officially. It was represented by the African Desk Director Mr Herman Cohen, who pretended to be impartial to negotiate the rebel groups with the Ethiopian Derg Government representatives in London, in May 1991, but at the end, he again committed a grand betrayal upon the Ethiopians historic heritage and natural sea access of the Port of Assab. Not only this, but also, approved Eritrea’s separation from Ethiopia without the consent of the Ethiopians.

The conspiracy continued and another important agenda that was perceived by Ethiopian enemies for over a century

was achieved. The year 1991 didn’t favour Ethiopia like that of 1974; it will be remembered as the darkest year in Ethiopian history.

Mr. Herman Cohen

That time, Secretary of the United Nations was Mr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali who is originally Egyptian, approved the separation of Eritrea without proper proceedings. The well known power maniac the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi betrayed the people of Ethiopia to secure his top position by distancing away the leader of Shabia, President Isayas Afeworki. If he was genuine enough he could take some time to discuss about the interest of both nations Eritrea and Ethiopia, based on international conventions. Even the two leaders might have discussed thoroughly the impacts of separation and most probably they might have agreed to administer together without dividing the interwoven peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Power maniac Meles Zenawi was not confident to become the top man if Isayas agrees to give up cessation. Instead Meles in a hurry wrote supporting letters to African Union and The United Nations, that Eritrea should be recognized as an independent nation afterwards. The African Union was reluctant to accept the claim quickly because they knew that the two nations cannot be separated easily, which have thousands years mutual history. The Egypt born, Boutros Boutros-Ghali led United Nations,   accepted the request without hesitation or taking any considerable cooling period.

Mr. Boutros Boutro-Ghali

In this regard Ethiopia is always deliberately and systematically victimised by Egypt. We need the global community to understand the real fact before judging the position of Ethiopia. In spite of all these chains of sufferings Ethiopia has no interest to take any reprisal.


President John F. Kennedy

Even though there is one fact that cannot be denied. Though there are unlawful decisions made by American Diplomats against their country, Ethiopians have special love and respect to The USA. There were mutual interests in the past between the two countries, especially in dissolving the League of Nations and forming The United Nations.

Besides, the emergence of the great leader President John F Kennedy, who was a far sighted person in the contemporary world. He established the Peace Corps group and many young Americans travelled all over the developing countries around the world, and many of them were teaching in Secondary Schools in every region across Ethiopia. It is believed that this type of attachment enhanced the relation to develop further. Not only this but also, many Ethiopian scholars have studied their advanced degrees in The USA.

President Donald Trump

Currently, there are millions of Ethiopian origins who made their home in America. Their contribution to The USA Socio-political Economy is beyond comprehension.

Bearing this in mind, The USA Trump Government should act as a neutral and genuine mediator between Egypt and Ethiopia on the case of The Grand Renaissance Abbay (Blue Nile) River Dam. As indicated above the governments of Egypt have never been being passive in the Ethiopian affairs, instead they were actively working day and night either to destroy or to close doors of any opportunity Ethiopia is planning. We all know the brutal bloody hands of IMF and World Bank. If they are not willing to support Ethiopian Projects, they can keep their money but they shouldn’t take side to help one country and to harm the other.

There is no doubt about the position of President Trump, it is clear that he is a straight forward person. It is also believed that there are hired lobbyists who are trying to mislead him. Currently, only 43% of Ethiopians have electric access, the rest 57% are still suffering in darkness, while Egyptian electricity coverage is 100%.

Furthermore, Ethiopia needs to use its own water wisely to generate power and to run light industries. It would be disgraceful to hold the expected money that Ethiopia should get from World Bank. History will record this type of corrupt and infidel verdict.

If Egypt was really concerned about the volume of the Abby River water to flow abundantly, she must raise funds to support the forestation program that Ethiopia is doing to maintain the environment. Centuries have passed when countries harming one another, but this is the 21st century that global community should stand together to combat common enemy infectious diseases. It is not recommended to act solely; instead all countries should help one another. Ethiopians have no interest in taking revenge of what was being done by the Egyptian governments so far.

The only win-win resolution would be supporting one another instead of spending millions of dollars to disrupt other countries developments. Hallucination is a sign of mental disorder, and the incumbent Egyptian government should try to treat itself to get out of colonial hypnotism. It would be wiser to use the funds to other societal needs rather than spending on devilish plots and defamation propaganda.

I believe that President Trump’s Government will review the case of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam which is being constructed on the Abbay (Blue Nile) River. So, they will give the right recommendation to World Bank, to release the money without any precondition. In this regard President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt should also support the outcome. Ethiopia has never been an enemy to Egypt and will never be in the future. This is the truth and peace is much better than dispute.

If you have views about this article send it to gkabbay@gmail.com. People have the right to know the truth.



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