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Susan Rice shattered as Africans celebrate her demise.

The Horn Times Newsletter 14 December 2012

Susan Rice shattered as Africans celebrateher demise.

By Getahune Bekele

A consummate ally of grubby despots, such as the late Ethiopian fuehrer Meles Zenawi, Susan Rice’s political adversaries liken her fall from grace to the fall of the once mighty Babylon, the ancient city of sorcerers, promiscuous war mongers and voracious tax collectors.

Senator John McCain, who torpedoed   her meteoric rise however, doesn’t seem to stop there and President Barack Obama is expected to fire the iron lady of American politics from her current position too, rather than suffering perpetual nagging from Republicans.

Although last September’s Benghazi debacle has been bandied about as a reason for her losing the prestigious job as secretary of state, the state department knows her other copious errors and shortcomings on the international stage.

A diplomat behaving like a petulant teenage, and who becomes a liability to the US government, Susan Rice finally succumbed to the political fire storm and dropped out of the race to succeed Hilary Clinton. She has been plodding through the mud since her picture coddling on a couch with one of the century’s bloodiest tyrants Meles Zenawi, goes viral on the internet.

The woman, who once called Zenawi’s opponents “idiots” in an attempt to make them lose their desire and drive to oust him, is currently serving the brutal minority ruling junta of Ethiopia on a liaison capacity to make it look legitimate.

On Thursday Dec 13, 2012, when Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on NBC, shattered and disorientated, millions of Ethiopians and Somalis were celebrating her demise.

She will always be remembered in east Africa as an accomplice to Zenaw’s war crimes.

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