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Frantic move by TPLF to split Christians and Muslims. By Robele Ababya

Robele Ababya, 15/12/2012

Ethiopia is one of the first countries in the world to accept Christianity in 330 AD welcoming the advent of preaching the New Testament to enrich the Old Testament that was in place. She was also the first country in the world where a Christian Emperor gave refuge to Muslims in 615 AD escaping persecution in Mecca. Harar has been the main center of Islamic culture, learning, and propagation.

The Christian Monarch stood for freedom of conscience! Suffice it to say that Ethiopia is a sacred land of God that had tolerated the Judaism, Christianity and Islamic faiths to live side by side in relative peace and harmony.

Flicker of hope for unity of the split Synods of EOTC

The Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahedo Christian Church (EOTC) Synod was seriously split due to violation of its cannon law. The split culminated in an illegitimate election of the late Aba Paulos as the 5th Patriarch of the Church.  This ushered in a deep division threatening the  centuries old Unity of the Church against the will of tens of millions followers of the Orthodox Tewahedo Christians at home and the Diaspora – all because of the deliberate divide-and-rule intrigues of the parochial minority group at the helm of power in the repressive government for the last 20 years.


Due to considerable pressure exerted by the faithful and initiative of prominent Ethiopians forming as facilitators for reconciling the leaders of the split Synod, one in Ethiopia and the other in the USA in Exile, three meetings between high level delegations from both sides were held – with increasingly productive outcomes , the third one by far yielding  a flicker of hope.

The war on religion unleashed by the repressive regime for the last 21 years has been dealt a heavy blow by the Communique issued by the two sides at the end of their Peace and Reconciliation Assembly held in Dallas Texas from 26 November 2012 to 30 November 2012. The picture below shows members of the delegation of both sides. The Synod in Addis Ababa should summon courage to listen to the overwhelming demand of the people to restore the exiled 4th Patriarch Abune Merkorios to his sit and ensure the Unity of the Holy Synod of the EOTC. Written documents confirm that the Patriarch was sent into a forced exile by the ruling government of the late Zenawi.

The EOTC was a victim of the Fascist Italian invaders from 1936 to 1941 inflicting a heavy damage on Church facilities and massacring monks everywhere including in the venerated Debre Libanos Monastery where hundreds of believers lost their lives.  These heinous crimes of genocide were inflicted on the members of EOTC due to the staunch support of the Church for freedom and independence from the Fascists. The incomparable martyr Abuna Petros whose statute is slated for removal by the ruling repressive government stands as an epic example of ultimate sacrifice.

The EPRDF/TPLF did no less in its attempt to diminish and eventually wipe out the longstanding influence of the EOTC on the diverse Ethiopian society and the embodiment of its enviable heritage in the field of systems of law, literature, culture, setting of social norms (decorum), politics, quest for freedom and independence, compassion, and decorum, to mention but a few.  It goes without saying that Islam had similar influence on the Ethiopia society from its power base of Islamic culture, learning, and propagation emanating from Harar. Followers of both faiths are now facing the wrath of Stalinist communists entrenched in the TPLF; they have no choice except team up as compatriots to defeat their adversary.

Moral standard in our country has sunk so low to the extent that a naked woman in Dera in north Shewa was forced to pull her naked husband in a public display with a string tied to his private part. This was done in blatant contempt for spiritual values enshrined in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The ruling EPRDF regime must be held account for this nauseating crime.

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The EOTC has endured 1682 years of trials and tribulations due to various internal and external adversaries attacking its dogma and cannon laws for political reasons. Its survival to date as dominant but tolerant faith in Ethiopia is a miracle that is only attributable to the will of the Almighty God, Creator of the universe.  Vide Psalm 68:31:


Freedoms of conscience, worship, and expressionare universal human rights under the UN Human Rights Declaration to which the TPLF is a party as enshrined in its constitution, which it rampantly violates. This flagrant and contemptuous violation is no longer tolerable and as such it should be stopped first and foremost by well-coordinated massive civil strikes nationwide to continue until the repressive regimes bows to popular demand and relinquish power to the people.

EOTC followers and Ethiopia Muslims constitute 77.4% of the Ethiopian population. Each is a target of the vicious attack of the repressive regime still effectively controlled by TPLF, but nevertheless in panic about its vanishing hold on power. The combined mighty force of Christians and Muslims is quite capable of delivering a massive blow to the dyeing regime. Let us join in overwhelming numbers our Muslim brothers and sisters who have set the trend irrespective of our creed or ethnic origin. As the old adage goes, hit the iron while it is hot!

Reform in China has begun in earnest. The fight against corruption has already resulted in the sacking/detention of 20 senior officials as reported by CCTV at the time of this writing. Issuance of the 8-point specific guidelines for discipline is laudable. Openness and interviews with Western leaders seen on CCTV are testimony to the new leadership’s seriousness to commit to serious reform in China in sharp contrast to the vow in Ethiopia to continue with the legacy of Zenawi intact as if he was infallible. TPLF top goons are making frantic moves to build personality cult of their late boss because they depended absolutely on him during his lifetime; his sudden departure caught them totally unprepared to steer a new course with fresh ideas of their own. Now the thugs are at the watershed of their demise.

The mother of corruption Azeb Mesfin and others in the den of thieves should face justice soonest by popular demand. The do-as-told Prime Minister Hailemariam has already proved himself timid, habitual liar and incompetent leader; he cannot solve provide the required leadership to address the complex and multiple problems inherited from his ex-Boss. There must be no respite for the PM for he has made irreversible political moves already.

The Almighty God has done His part leaving to us what we in the opposition and the Ethiopian people can do together. It is critical to act in unison to save Ethiopia. It is high time to boost the morale of renowned main opposition political entities and civic movements at home!!!

PS: As I was closing this writing, I heard the shocking news about a gunman killing 27 people including 20 school children between the ages of 5-10 years in Newtown, Connecticut. I was moved to see President Obama on television in tears expressing “overwhelming grief” over the tragic event. In keeping with my Ethiopian spiritual value against homicide, I most sincerely condemn the gruesome act in the strongest terms and convey my deep condolence to the families of the aggrieved and the people of the USA.


Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, Bekele Gerba, Reeyot Alemu et al!



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