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Tigre Muslims pointed fingers at sheik Elias for the deadly raid on a Neblet mosque.

The Horn Times Newsletter Dec 14, 2012

                                                                    By Getahune Bekele

There is anger among Tigraye’s Muslim community because many of them believe that last Wednesday’s deadly raid on the Neblet mosque outside Adwa was ordered by the genocidal TPLF cadre and self appointed grand mufti of Tigraye republic, sheik Elias Redman.

It is also a well known fact that the brutal sheik works with federal police commander Workeneh Gebeyehu to crash the current Muslim uprising in Ethiopia.

This hill top Neblet mosque on the road between Hawzen and Edga Arbi   was raided and looted by TPLF commandos

The junta’s implausible excuse for the raid was that the mosque

 Has been Sheltering extremists and even suicide bomb manufacturers who were planning to unleash a bloody attack on the town of Adwa in revenge for hundreds of Muslims killed by the regime since the uprising began.

A guard named Musa who refused to open the main gate was brutally murdered and 97 persons were arrested, according to eye witnesses in the town of neblet.

TPLF cadres further suspect that the bomb which destroyed a maximum security prison in Adigrat few weeks ago might have been manufactured and passed to the EUFF rebels by the so called “Neblet terrorists.”

It is not clear if the commandos found weapons or bomb making ingredients in the mosque as the reclusive province’s authorities refused to comment on the matter.

However, an elderly Muslim resident of the nearby Edga Arbi village dismissed the accusation as a terrible faux pas and lamented the appointment of well known anti Islam warlord Debretsion Gebre Mikael, as deputy PM of Ethiopia. According to the old man, the TPLF commandos looted the mosque; taking food parcels, generators and public address systems.

An angry school teacher who gave his name as Ali told the Horn Times reporter that for the past 21 years the TPLF marginalized Muslims in Tigrai and they suffered discrimination.

“We condemn the internal colonization of Ethiopia by the Tigraye-Tigreng junta, a group of Tigro-Ertrean outcasts. We are also warning the people of Tigre to look beyond TPLF. It is highly unethical for us to live in luxury, enjoying the wealth stolen from the people of Ethiopia.” The honest high school teacher concluded.

He also condemned the conduct of Aiga forum, a Tigre website which posted the picture of the raided and looted mosque without telling the story to the world, describing citizen journalists there as “Bozene cadres.”

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