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Kjetil Tronvoll on simmering political tensions and civil war in Ethiopia In Pursuit of Development

Kjetil Tronvoll on simmering political tensions and civil war in EthiopiaIn Pursuit of Development

No one in Ethiopia except you, Mr. Kjetil Tronvoll, takes seriously Abiy Ahmed claim of his coronation as the 7th king narrated by his late mom as a turning point on the political development under Abiy Ahmed rule for the last 2 and half years.
You deliberately ignored TPLF financed and armed anti Amhara killings in Oromo and Beni Shanguel Kilil carried out by OLF and Gumuz hired guns respectivley among many other ethnic killings and displacements.
The fruit of TPLF federalism had displaced more than 3 millions in south and eastern Ethiopia alone, thousands death huge property loss in the last three years.
TPLF/ OLF ethnic federalism for the last 30 yrs  and OFC recently promoted is Ethnic Apartheid  which should be replaced by different forms of federalism.
The two weeks old current war in Tigray is not between Federalism and Centralism you portrayed. It is an operation to bring to justice TPLF warlords who have been coordinating conflicts throughout Ethiopia using their Tribal allies they financed and armed.
You completely make  fool of yourself by recycling TPLF fake story of Tekeze Dam being bombed by Abiy Ahmed. Shame on you !!!! Need to  give us your proof or apologize in public !!!!
Tedla Asfaw

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