TPLF Army: “Mekele, We Have A Problem!”

18 Nov 2020 – (EP) TPLF forces and militias are abandoning their trenches and feeling to Mekele due to a lack of logistic food supply, a source tells Eritrean Press.
“The TPLF soldiers are suffering from a number of problems including the lack of direct communication with superiors in Mekele and fuel shortage that has put greater pressure on the logistic system,” said the source.
The source added that Mekele has failed to solidify and strength the defeated and demoralised ‘special force’ and militia, therefore “pitting the weak, hungry and leaderless combatants against each other.”
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  1. I just read a report on one of the websites from the old country that listed the names of wanted traitors who coordinated the attack on the military base in the northern location of the country. Just glancing at their ranks with many of them generals ad colonels gave me an idea how Debre and his cabals had the ranking authority to their own. They were just handing out highest ranks of the military like candies to their kin and kit whose salaries were in thousands of dollars in the local currency per month. They were doing this behind the door they had closed and shut from patriotic observers. My goodness!!! You know what? On the other hand it did not surprise me. That was why you have been seeing me bedeviling every ethnic based ‘liberation’ front’ since the early 1970’s. To me such outfits are schemes for connivers and future ruthless despots. There was no need for that narrowed out struggle. Why, you may ask? Cuz, to me that peasant and urban dweller member of my Itu clan has not been asking black milk from a green cow. His contemporaries from Amhara, Afar, Somalia, Tigray and all other ethnic groups of people have not been asking for green milk from a purple cow. Their need and aspiration are all human shared by every one of them. If someone tells you otherwise tell him this: Liar, liar, your pants on fire, your nose is longer than a telephone wire and turn The Castaways loose, blaring on them!!! There is no one, I said no one that will convince me that my Oromos will find success by struggling it all alone!! Amharas will never, ever be able to get to the Promised Land by struggling it all alone!!! The same goes for every ethnic group from that gem of the colored!!! What? Are you asking me for proof? Look at them now!!! Their painful odyssey began in 1974 and after losing millions of their loved ones to wars and famines they are still at least a generation or two away from achieving their aspirations. Bigots among them who have honed their tongues on the scripts of Marx, Lenin and Mao have had field days in pulling those noble people apart in all directions along ‘liberation front’ lines. These connivers are still at it. Some of them are using college campuses as their orphanage shelters. Before they used to tell me that their first plan was/is to ‘liberate’ a ‘nation’ then unite with other ‘liberated’ nations. That is their way of getting the benefit of doubt from the gullible. But now their tone and motto have changed. They want to see everything destroyed and they will make something out of the rubble. Folks, these bigots are not only sore losers but they have gone mad. In a normal world they should have been confined to psychiatric wards!!! Nuff said!!!!

  2. Ittu Aba Farada

    Good observation. Many of them were rented out as military Generals to UN peace keeping missions overnight after joining the military, becoming Generals getting paid Generals pay salary by the UN , getting paid many many thousands of USD dollars per month just by skiping ranks. Imagine someone who joined the military this year by next year becoming a General , that was how they did it,after the peace keeping mission was over most went back to their civilian life. Where are they now? I do not know.

    Their military was/ is filled with actors. They know how to terrorize with showing gestures and shouting out loud with their blood vessels on their forheads looking like it is about to burst ,that is about all they perfected which got them their ranks in their military while thel calm honest true military science educated soldiers remained behind got passed routinely from getting promotions or even from getting USD salaries at the peace keeping missions .

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