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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed sworn in for a second term

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed takes an oath during his incumbent ceremony at the Parliament building, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Oct. 4.


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been sworn in for a second five-year term running a country in the grip of a nearly year-long war.

Abiy’s Prosperity Party was declared the winner of parliamentary elections earlier this year in a vote criticized and at times boycotted by opposition parties but described by some outside electoral observers as better run than those in the past.

The prime minister, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner for restoring ties with neighbouring Eritrea and for pursuing sweeping political reforms, now faces major challenges as war in the Tigray region spreads into other parts of the country, deadly ethnic violence continues and watchdogs warn that repressive government practices are on the return.

The 11-month war is weakening Ethiopia’s economy, once one of Africa’s fastest-growing, and threatening to isolate Abiy, once seen as a regional peacemaker. Just four African heads of state – from Nigeria, Senegal and neighbouring Somalia and Djibouti – were attending Monday’s ceremony.

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Ethiopia’s government last week faced condemnation from the United Nations, United States and several European nations after it expelled seven UN officials it accused of supporting the Tigray forces who have been battling Ethiopian and allied forces.

The government is under growing pressure as people begin to starve to death in Tigray under what the UN has called a “de facto humanitarian blockade.” Last week the UN humanitarian chief told The Associated Press that the situation in Ethiopia is a “stain on our conscience.”

The U.S. has threatened further sanctions if humanitarian access to Tigray isn’t granted soon and the warring sides don’t take steps toward peace.

As Abiy faces another term, “I think it will give the government the chance to renew its commitment to reform and to enhance the human rights situation in the country,” Amnesty International researcher Fisseha Tekle told The Associated Press. “They have a parliament which is dominated by one ruling party, so if they have the commitment, they also have the opportunity to do that.”

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The results of a joint investigation into the conflict by the UN human rights office and the government-created Ethiopian Human Rights Commission will be released on Nov. 1, a few days before the war’s one-year mark.


  1. The mighty gangs named prosperity party ruling Ethiopia for the second term . This party will be registered among despotic crew who left office without reaching at the tip of one’s ruling time. They will soon be dethroned , because the USA is not willing to do it as this country bring this party to power .

    We God lessen the suffering of our people to whichever ethnic they belong .
    Every time when there is a genocide or famine , colonialists are behind it either pretending to be helpers or selling arms in the name of assisting to the sovereignty of a nation , but in both antagonistic cases they are meddling for their own interest. It looks normal for everyone of us since the world is corrupted. Sadly, we have people who work for colonialists like those who are in the USA namely, Amhara intellectuals fans of Abiy.

  2. It is Good for the PM to reach this peak point though carries a big shouldering on coming years. Even if Ethiopian’s dreaming and facing a big challenge day and night on seeking democracy, justice, equality, fairness, no displacement and free from harassment, genocide, mal-administration, nepotism, daily bread, peace, security and above all keeping the identity of unity among others, PM Abiy administration has to make a solemn promise for confronting and bring success. Above all culminating the war with TPLF, Onege-shene and others has to be a priority issue. Otherwise the promise is no use for Ethiopian people.

    Despite people of Ethiopia are unlucky and has being no choice on finding democratic leader, you have to play a great role on putting on the ground some pillars; like, flourishing fairness, equity, democracy, transparency, unity, good governance, stability, security, development etc. Serious Determination is important.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

  3. Congratulations Sir! Ok the party is over now and let’s go back to work. Find an amicable solution to the current crisis in Tigray peacefully. I will continue to pray for you Allah’s Blessed guidance and wisdom to lead the country that produced Bilal ibn Rabah and Mary Magdalene who went on to save both major religions of the country and the world to lasting peace and stability. At the end of the day two brothers have been senselessly killing each other. That has to stop. Our upright brothers and sisters in Tigray region are reportedly dying from lack of food. That has to stop and stop immediately. Not a single Ethiopian anywhere in that country should die from starvation in this day and age. And watch out for bigots lurking right there in the backyard. They have been working overtime to start bloody conflict with our upright Amhara neighbors and they are being encouraged by their bigot friends camping out at college campuses and missionary canteens here among us in the Diaspora. They have a slogan for you with #AbiyMustGo and ‘Down down Abiy’ which to me it is a coded message that you must be physically eliminated. May The Almighty Our Creator Protect You and Your Family. Insha’Allah!!!!

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