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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Inaugural Address


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Inaugural Address

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  1. It is Good for the PM to reach this peak point though carries a big shouldering on coming years. Even if Ethiopian’s dreaming and facing a big challenge day and night on seeking democracy, justice, equality, fairness, no displacement and free from harassment, genocide, mal-administration, nepotism, daily bread, peace, security and above all keeping the identity of unity among others, PM Abiy administration has to make a solemn promise for confronting and bring success. Above all culminating the war with TPLF, Onege-shene and others has to be a priority issue. Otherwise the promise is no use for Ethiopian people.

    Despite people of Ethiopia are unlucky and has being no choice on finding democratic leader, you have to play a great role on putting on the ground some pillars; like, flourishing fairness, equity, democracy, transparency, unity, good governance, stability, security, development etc. Serious Determination is important.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

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