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Dagnachew Teshome is heading to join the battlefront to fight the TPLF Terroris Group

Dagnachew Teshome is heading to join the battlefront to fight the TPLF Terroris Group


3 thoughts on “Dagnachew Teshome is heading to join the battlefront to fight the TPLF Terroris Group”

  1. Mr. Teshome you are an Ethiopian and American hero. Every Ethiopian, Eritrean, African and African American should listen to your interview. You are spot on. Right on the money. Ethiopian government must crush and totally destroy TPLF. No ifs, ands or buts. Negotiation with one of the most criminal groups in the world, as been advised by democRATS lead by B(barbarian)iden, UN, European groups, is insanity of infinite magnitude. It is like advising US Government to negotiate with Hitler at the height of World War II and asking US Government to negotiate with Al Qaeda soon after Sep 11, 2001 attack on USA that resulted in death of thousands of Americans. I learned a very important historical fact from Mr. Teshome. That is the collaboration of African Americans and King Haile Selassie. A group of African Americans were willing to come to ethiopia and fight the Italians who started to invade Ethiopia in 1935. The African Americans realized the importance Ethiopia to their struggle in America and for the struggle of the rest of Africa and other colonized countries all over the world. They figured that if the only uncolonized country in Africa, Ethiopia, gets colonized, the chance of other African countries and African Americans of getting out of colonization and oppression/discrimination/racism respectively will become slim and the struggle prolonged. Consequently, Colonel John Robinson an african american aviation expert and instructor, pan-africans who embraced faith in the unity of all black people answered King Haile Selassie’s call for western aviation experts and technicians to aid his independent nation by strengthening it fledgling imperial Air Force. Colonel Robinson was provided opportunity to serve in Air Force at the time African American were not allowed to serve in Air Force. Col Robinson worked overtime training 70 Ethiopian pilots and gaining additional aircrafts to strengthen the air-force as quickly as possible. Ultimately, he doubled the number of Ethiopians aircraft to a peak of 24 and even modified some planes to drop bombs. In addition to training ethiopian pilots, he flew as active pilot running reconnaissance missions to report on the immense bulid-up of Italian military might along ethiopia’s borders. Col Robinson eventually earned international renown as the “Brown Condor of Ethiopia.” He sent a letter to a friend in american: ” I am trying hard to do my best in whatever mission or duty. We are having hard fight over here with our limited amount of modern equipment, but every ethiopian man, woman and child is doing their part.” In april 1944 after ethiopia was liberated, he returned to Addis as an aviation instructor with a US Army Air Forces team of African American technicians. He played a key to established and success of Ethiopian Airforce and Ethiopian Airlines which is the best in African and one of the best in the world.
    What steps should Ethio government take going forward.
    1. Solidify the draft all over Ehiopian. Every abled body must serve in Ethiopian army when called upon. Training the fighters is key to winning battles.
    2. Ethiopian government must use the full capability of Eritrean forces. Unlike Ethiopia Eritrea has mandatory military service for all Eritreans after a certain age. Consequently, Eritrean forces and fully trained and ready to rock and roll. Eritrean forces in addition to some Ethiopian/Eritrean forces should come from North and head south towards Addis and ethio forces from addis should head north towards the hiding place of TPLF around Debre Birhan and crush TPLF forces.
    3. Ethio government must make the messaging of the war very clear. The war is not only for the unity of Ethiopia but also for the unity of the whole Africa and Africans all over the world. Just like the war to prevent Italy from colonizing Ethiopia in 1895 and 1935. TPLF is not only against pan Africanism but is also against pan Ethiopians just like European colonizers of Africa. In other words, Ethiopian gov is going to war with TPLF not only because TPLF destroyed Ethiopian military base and soldiers in Nov 2020 but also TPLF committed multiple crimes such as killing of EPRP members, starving of hundreds of thousands of Tigray people, killing of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians, Eritreans and somalians and Sudanese from 1991 until they lost power, for being the number the number on enemy of our great ancestors such as king tewodros, menelik and haile selassie who gave their life for the success of present day ethiopia and who were champions of our great ancestor who used to be world super powers thousands of years before birth of USA and lastly for being against GOD and ALLAH even though the vast majority of Ethiopians over 90% are very religious and believe in either GOD or ALLAH, 0% of TPLF members believe in God or Allah.

    1. Menilik Mujeliyam genocider gave birth to same genociiders

      According to bloody crazy neftegn superbeings, TPLF, to mean all Tigraway, people of Tigray, TPLF
      disbelieve and deny GOD and ALLAH even though the vast majority of Ethiopians over 90% are very religious and believe in either GOD or ALLAH, 0% of TPLF members believe in God or Allah. One of the reason ENDF is destroying TIgray, blocking food aid to Tigray , raping women and children, inviting Arab mercenaries, is to kill TPLF who deny GOd. Very interesting case for amhara elites being moron, and bloody idiot genoiciders.

      YOu receive Christinaity from TIgray; TPLF is children and fathers and mothers of Tigray. All the time when you call names and spread hate speech against TPLF is intentionally to defame and attck the entire people of Tigray. You are slaves of Erdogan, and UAE king extereme islamic leaders who want destroy Christianity. Amhara balematebu, Amhara terrraraw , amhara ye ethiopiya fetari ye milew teret wushet mehonun rasachu aregagetachu when you colllaborate with anti Christian and extermist people and leaders.

      TPLF helped you live in Condominium and built hospitals and schools but not Erdogan or UAE leaders who always play their own interest.

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