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Alex De Waal’s disgraceful Campaign Against Ethiopia

January 27, 2021


Dear President Monaco,

I am writing in reference to Alex De Waal, who is an employee of Tufts University and who is using his position to prop up his friends, who dined and wined him in the past. He has become an apologist for the likes of Seyoum Mesfin, former foreign minister of Ethiopia, who most Ethiopians consider, the Joseph Groebbels of Ethiopia, because he served a regime like Hitler’s called TPLF that ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist and destroyed its fabric as a nation by introducing a divide rule system in order to stay in power.

Alex who hangs around the high flyers, with British imperialist mindset and has been attacking Ethiopia for defending itself from TPLF  that was trying to overthrow a reformist government led by Dr. Abiy Ahmed. TPLF ruled Ethiopia for almost 30 years with unheard of abuse and cruelty. Due to mass protest and economic problems, it was sidelined in 2018 and Dr. Abiy was appointed PM. So on November 3, 2020 TPLF decided to retake power and they attacked Ethiopian soldiers while asleep, slaughtering thousands of them and taking close to 80% of their equipment. 

After the anticipated coup d’état failed, Mesfin was given a chance to surrender, unfortunately he refused and military action was taken. Mesfin and Sebhat Nega were the architects of the coup d’état by engaging in a blitzkrieg-like attack, killing thousands of Ethiopian troops in horrendous ways and stealing their equipment. 

Alex also lost credibility for condoning or minimizing the impact of Sudanese invasion of Ethiopia. Sudan took advantage of Ethiopia’s preoccupation in a conflict with TPLF to grab land from Ethiopia.  Sudan is a British client state and Alex wants to look the other way, although he claims to lead an organization in the name of the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University.

TPLF members looted Ethiopia blind to make themselves billionaires and they are using their ill-gotten wealth to pay off government officials and reporters in Washington, London and Ethiopia in order to spread misinformation about Ethiopia.     

Alex’s behavior, arrogance and playing loose with the facts is tarnishing the reputation of Tufts University. I am looking forward to your response and your investigation whether he is serving the best interest of the university as long as he continues to pay tribute and memorialize the likes of Joseph Goebbels and play loose with the facts. Alex De Waal of Tufts U memorializes a coup leader in Ethiopia


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