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Zehabesha Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant

Chercher Ethiopian Restaurants

Chercher Ethiopian Cusine is one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the heart of Washington DC  offering a fun-filled, casual dining experience! Cherecher strives  to always serve you fresh and affordable Ethiopian cuisine.

Chercher is a name give to the today’s region officially called West Harargie zone. Chercher is known for the beauty of diversity if its geographical make ups, cultures and natural inhabitants. Chercher is the starting point for the chains of mountains that end in Ogaden. It has high lands and low lands famous for all kinds of produces ranging from grains, fruits, vegetables, different livestock, forest, mountains, rivers, plains and plateaus. Chercher highland is famous for minerals. Chercher is known for the quality and unparallel taste of fruits and vegetables. The quality of beef is famously known throughout Ethiopia delicious for Kitfo, Gored Gored, tibs and Tiresiga, all varieties of Ethiopian dishes made from beef.For a taste of Ethiopia come dine with us.

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Providing the city of Yellowknife the best in authentic Ethiopian cuisine. We serve slow-cooked and succulent meat dishes seasoned with exotic spices. We offer a variety of fresh, protein-packed, and nourishing vegan & vegetarian dishes. You can enjoy your meal at a table or even dine around a Mesob, a traditional woven wicker table, for a complete Ethiopian dining experience. You can Gursha, the act of feeding someone you love, till your heart’s content! And then finish your dining experience with a cup of Ethiopian coffee or Oregano tea.

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