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Former nursing assistant (Adeladilew Mekonen) gets 25 years for sex crimes against patients

PORTLAND, Ore. — A former Providence nursing assistant arrested in 2016 for sexually abusing several patients will be sentenced to 25 years in prison as part of a negotiated plea agreement.

Adeladilew Mekonen on Friday pleaded guilty to multiple sex crimes. He was previously indicted for 28 crimes (listed below) against 12 female patients. Seven of those women were under his care at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

Mekonen’s charges were:

  • One count of first-degree sexual abuse
  • Nine counts of third-degree sexual abuse
  • One count of first-degree rape
  • One count of first-degree kidnapping
  • Four counts of first-degree sexual penetration
  • Three counts of third-degree sexual abuse
  • Four counts of second-degree sexual abuse
  • Five counts of first-degree sexual abuse

Mekonen will be formally sentenced on Feb. 22.

He began working at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center as a certified nursing assistant in May 2016. Providence said Mekonen was placed on administrative leave following the complaints and was fired immediately after his arrest.

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Prior to working at Providence, Mekonen worked at West Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center in Portland. At least one victim from that facility has come forward.

Both of Mekonen’s former employers worked with the sheriff’s office during the investigation.

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  1. Because Woyane sells Ethiopian women to become domestic servants(slaves) in the Arab world, the Ethiopian men are going out of their head due to loneliness.
    This guy Adeladilew Mekonen is the product of Woyane’s time misadminstration. The western media keeps Adeladilew Mekonen’s age a secret because the western media don’t want Woyane to get blamed for Adeladilew Mekonen’s actions , same as the western media keeps Woyane’s crimes Against Humanity a secret.

    • It is mazing you are defending his actions by blaming others.
      It has nothing to do with weyane or mengistu.
      He did what he did, and he should face the consequences.

  2. Inzih Bozenie Ye Shabia ashkeroch
    Awaredun gemashu be Lebbnet yetaweq
    Betkirstianin lemafres beginzb teqexrew
    sinqesaqsu be Hizbu masxenqeqiya tesexxoachw xeftewal bemulu yeferesew
    Gim 7 abalocbloch nebefu.

  3. Fiker yashenifal,min aynet dingai neh befetari yoh AG7 gar min yagenagnewal
    safari neh gin liju( he is a criminal he must suffer &sentenced by his fault he is not weyane or AG7 he is only him self,do not blame any other party or group) ante gin dingai neh.

  4. The ultimate sex offenders are ruling Ethiopia claiming 100% of Ethiopians voted for us. These Woyane-Offenders claim 100% of the people voted for us so we offend whoever we choose to offend in every sense of the word “offending “. Woyanes want students to wear almost nothing so the sexual immorality spread. Cultural outfit is a no no by Woyane to non-woyane students so the non-woyane people don’t embrace their culture. Woyane doesn’t want the non-woyane people stay clear from the sexual immorality.the woyane wants spreading of sexual immorality among throughout the Woyane time born generation that are not woyane. The voice of the non-woyane girls is nowhere to be listened under Woyane’s time. These girls cann’t vote .There is no freedom of expression. The vote of these girl’s parents doesn’t count. The woyanes instilled sexual immorality as soon as they got to power in 1991 to spread HIV so they make money out of foreign aid sent to prevent HIV. 10% upto 15% of the 100 milllion Ethiopians currently are orphan children mostly homeless, due to Woyane’s sexual immorality culture they encouraged to spread through the society since the early 1990’s . Look listen how little girls are treated in Ethiopia by Woyane by clicking the link below. All these trauma the generation is suffering by the offender’s association government called Woyane have a negative effect on the whole generation whether on the men or women that grew up during Woyane time..



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    የዩንቨርስቲው ተማሪዎች የተለያየ የአገራቸውን አረጋዊያን አለባበስ ለብሰው አረጋውያንን እያስታወሱ ባሉበት ሰዐት ከሁሉም ተማሪዎች ተለይተው እነዚህ ሁለት ዐማሮች መታሰራቸው ሁሉንም የዐማራ ተማሪዎች አስቆጥቷል፡፡

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