Zehabesha Breaking News November 12, 2016

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  1. Good for them.
    Where is Amhara? What are Amhara elites waiting for? Are they waiting Oromos to create ANDM 2 for them?
    What a shame!

  2. Zehabesha,

    Dear editor,

    It is sad that you report care is being taken that pieces of information do not out from the on-going Oromo convention. How come you are not critical of suppression of information which are vital for the future of our country? You should have insisted that what is available is released for the public.

    I feel that lesson should be taken from the London confrerence in which someone bragged about dismantling Ethiopia to build Oromia. The outcry of Oromos and non-Oromo Ethiopians that followed after the talk about dismantling Ethiopia . . . is leaked put most Oromo separatists on the defensive. More than anything else, it forced some Oromo nationalists to speak about it and even take position on the issue. Likewise, it brought together many likemind Ethiopians to be on the look out for “foxes in sheep skin”. Worth noting is all that happened because of a single statement.

    Come on! Zehabesha. Every single information about the future of our country counts. Given this fact, you should not settle for suppression of information in whatever form or shape it comes. Don’t forget that our country is on the line.

    Next time you talk to the Conference organizers, tell them to release the whole damn thing they’re holding.

    Keep the good work.


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