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William Davison Is the White Speaker of TPLF!

In the October 24th, 2021 edition of  “The Inside Story”  of Aljazeera, William Davison appeared as the  representative of Getachew Reda, the Tigrai People Liberation Front’s (TPLF’s) speaker again.

Had William Davison had a shred of conscience in his soul, he could have told the world how evil TPLF is because no other foreign journalist knows about the TPLF  as much as he knows. If William is not  fighting against the truth and history, he could have informed the world about the hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians TPLF massacred and tortured  to stay in power and rob the whole Ethiopia for nearly three decades. Williams is hiding TPLF sterilized Amara girls and hanged water bottles on the testicles of imprisoned men. He knows TPLF sow the seeds of ethnic hatred, and boasted  it is capable of making different ethnic groups burn each other like grass and fire.

In fact, the pathological liar Getachew Reda is better than William Davison for Ethiopians at this point. Getachew Reda and his comrades always tell the world that they will destroy Ethiopia unless they take power and rob the people again. However, William Davidson tries to hide their true motives to confuse the world and facilitate their take over of power.

It is perplexing why William Davidson works for TPLF day and night and promotes their evil actions. At any rate, William Davison may confuse the international community, but for Ethiopians William Davison is the white speaker of TPLF, perhaps worse than the drunkard Getachew Reda.

Lemma Dinka

2 thoughts on “William Davison Is the White Speaker of TPLF!”

  1. Villain Devilson (aka William Devison) is another merchant of evil that is enriching himself at the expense of blacks killing each other.

    In his heart he knows the TPLF will soon be history, but who cares. By then he would be rich enough to retire somewhere in a paradise island.

    Then he will use his time to write an exciting book about his role trying to destroy an ancient but stubborn African country that was defying the mighty power of the West.

    If lucky he would amass enough to buy that beautiful island. So, don’t undermine him; he is a very ambitious racist.

    It is a volume more than those written by — please fill the gap ——-
    The KEY words that I love are:
    1. another merchant
    2. buy beautiful island
    3. retire …in paradise island
    4. write an exciting book

    Simply, HEAVEN but I rush to add, I have never been to that mysterious nature of creation.

    So, VERY DEAR WISE PEOPLE who live on Earthly Paradise, keep on cutting it into nine separate pieces — and more as tie goes by — and enjoy LIFE on EARTHLY paradise. And keep your smart honourable charlatan leaders happy and wealthy.

    Greetings! and admiration with THANKS to Awash Lemma for that incisive Article . That is all I have to say.

    Of course, I THANK very much, the Management of for the opportunity to be enlightened on any subject matter on Earth. There is nothing fundamentaly worthy other than FOOD. .

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