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Who is Tigist Assefa, the Marathon Phenomenon in Berlin? Unveiling the Winner and Record-Breaker

Tigist Assefa, a name that has become synonymous with speed, endurance, and excellence. On a serene Berlin morning in September 2023, Tigist Assefa shattered the women’s marathon world record, finishing the marathon in a groundbreaking 2:11:53. This astonishing feat was achieved in her new £400 shoes, a testament to both technology and her unparalleled athletic prowess.

Born on December 3, 1996, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Tigist Assefa Tessema, widely known as Tigist Assefa, is not just an overnight sensation. She has a rich history in long-distance running, evolving from an 800 meters specialist to the marathon queen we recognize today.

Summary of Who is Tigist Assefa

December 3, 1996Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2014Personal best: 800m in 1:59.24
April 2022Marathon debut in Rotterdam
2022 Berlin MarathonThird-fastest time in marathon history
September 2023Broke women’s marathon world record in Berlin (Winner)

Tigist Assefa’s Background

Tigist’s passion for running began early. Showing an affinity for the 800 meters, she etched her name in the annals of running history with a personal best of 1:59.24 in Lausanne, 2014. Yet, it was in 2022 when she pivoted to marathons, leaving an indelible mark.

After her marathon debut in April 2022, Tigist demonstrated a rapid improvement, slashing over 18 minutes from her debut time. By the 2022 Berlin Marathon, she ranked third on the world’s all-time list.

Notable Achievements

The Rotterdam Marathon in April 2022 was her entry into the marathon world, finishing in an impressive 2:29:54. But her relentless spirit shone in the 2022 Berlin Marathon. Not only did she improve by over 18 minutes, but her 2:15:37 timing also placed her third globally.

Personal Information

At 26, Tigist stands 1.68 m tall and weighs 53 kg. Beyond her physical stats, it’s her determination and skill in running that stand out. Her personal best records showcase her versatility—1:59.24 in 800m and 2:11:53 in the marathon.

Record-Breaking Marathon

The 2023 Berlin Marathon was the highlight of Tigist’s career. Amidst the challenging hot and humid conditions, she redefined endurance and speed. Her 2:11:53 timing not only made her the marathon’s champion but also a world record holder.

While Eliud Kipchoge was making history, Tigist was rewriting the record books for women marathoners, ensuring that the 2023 Berlin Marathon would be remembered for years to come.


Who is Tigist Assefa? She’s a beacon of dedication, talent, and hard work. Berlin 2023 was not just another race but a testament to Tigist’s relentless pursuit of greatness. An inspiration to athletes everywhere, Tigist Assefa’s journey from the streets of Addis Ababa to the world record books is a narrative of triumph and passion.


Q: How did Tigist Assefa start her athletic career?
A: Tigist began as an 800 meters specialist and gradually transitioned to marathons in 2022.

Q: When did Tigist break the marathon world record?
A: In September 2023, during the Berlin Marathon.

Q: What is Tigist’s personal best in the 800 meters?
A: Her personal best is 1:59.24, achieved in Lausanne in 2014.

Q: How tall is Tigist Assefa?
A: Tigist stands at 1.68 m.

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Ethiopia: Tigst Assefa shatters women’s world record shattered by more than 2 minutes in Berlin Marathon

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