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Ethiopian Health Professionals Association called for an immediate end to the ongoing conflict in the country and for peaceful negotiations

Ethiopian  Ethiopian Health Professionals Association

The association added that conflicts and destructive wars in Tigray, Oromia, and now mainly in Amhara and some other regions have gone beyond the health crisis and are killing people’s lives at a high level. The union strongly condemns this ineffective action as it is causing unnecessary suffering to health professionals and our people.

The association said that the recent conflict and unrest in the Amhara region has caused serious health problems in the community. “We have confirmed that there are still many ambulances that have not been returned to the health facility,” he revealed.

Therefore, during the war, the association strongly urged to stop using ambulances outside of their intended purpose and to create a situation where ambulances can move from place to place and do their life saving work.

The Association of Health Professionals mentioned that the recent instability and conflicts in the country have posed a great threat to the health system. Health institutions are the victims of the war. They have not recovered from the damage they have suffered and without adequate support, some areas are still suffering from the damage.

The association emphasized that it should be the primary responsibility of the government to rehabilitate the health facilities that were damaged during the war in Tigray, Afar and Amhara region and restore them to full capacity.

In addition, the association expressed its complaint that health professionals are deprived of wages and benefits to lead their lives, but no response has been given to the relevant government bodies, including the Prime Minister’s Office.

Due to this, the association said that the health professionals have been subjected to a worse living crisis and asked them to provide an urgent solution to the rights issues raised.

Reported by Addis Stanadard

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