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Weyane tries to wreak havoc on 120 million Ethiopian life!

YeEthiopia AyerMenged
July 4, 2021

Let me start with the name Tigray. In our culture, for a person called Bekele from the affection of his friends or him being confident that he is liked by his friends, he asks to be called Beke. The friends call him by that name out of affection. The Tigre ask to be called Tigray but since they do not have our affection by showing repeated hate and there is no

affection and love to deserve that name, they need to be called only by their proper name Tigre. That is not affection it means vengeful, one who suffers from inferiority complex due to poverty imposed upon the arid zone they belong. Whenever they see a green pasture like Welkaite, Humera, Raya we know what they did and the atrocities they committed to the people and the community they invaded. If they do live side by side with hard work there is no problem the community is welcoming, that is how they started and it is their country too and have the right to live there. No, they want to cleanse the community and transplant only Tigre and that is sad. The saddest part is the so-called Amnesty International, world human right watchers have not reported a single event for the last thirty years when Tigre was cleansing these regions and committing unforgivable atrocities. Even the recent MiyeKadra ( was Tikure Woha renamed after Tigre invasion) atrocity and genocide committed by Tigre was not reported by these organization to what it deserves. Because this does not align to the interest of their financiers they will be instructed not to report it. These so-called human right organizations make their volume high when it aligns to the interest of their financiers and the credibility of this organization is in question.

Take the population of Ethiopia which is close to 120 million people and why does ~4-5 Tigre make the life of the other Ethiopian hell? Tigre population is equal to people living around greater Arussi, Wellayta or Gonder. It is understandable that Tigre was dominant in the government, army and business by design and was the center of gravity. As recently mentioned by the Prime minister and a military leader this center of gravity is history now. Therefore Tigre shape up for your own sake you will not be treated differently from other Ethiopian regions Arussi, Wellayta or Gonder because treating all Ethiopian people equally is fair and is the name of the game. If you do not like it too bad there is no pillaging of Ethiopian people and stand for yourself and will be helped to support yourself. If you do not like it you can decide your own fate and no one will stop you from doing that. There is a say in our culture when the beans are finished the farting stops. If you want to secede “mengendune cherke yadirglachue”

Weyane cunning

The fight on Ethiopia from the grand scale to the level of Tigre is, because the Ethiopian people are saying enough is enough for the hemorrhaging of Ethiopian wealth by the Tigre looters and others. Tigre wanted to loot Ethiopia from north to south from west to east and when that was said no they plotted and acted to topple the government to continue their daylight robbery. The axis of evil has an alliance with Egypt and Sudan who are not happy that Ethiopians are developing their own resources. They oppose Ethiopian own resource development claiming that Abay water should not be touched ; only these two countries should benefit from this resource. The looter Tigre and Egypt-Sudan axis now align and collaborate financed by rich Arab countries, train and arm people from Beneshangul, Oromia, and kill innocent Ethiopians to weaken and destabilize Ethiopia. They work hand and glove, especially Tigre people giving the military training committing atrocities on innocent civilians in every part of Ethiopia with hate they saw for the last thirty years they were controlling Ethiopia.

During the Dereg administration famine victims from Tigre and Amara mainly Wello region were resettled to Wellega and Gambella region for the folks to have a better fertile land. Weyane does not care for the wellness of the Tigre people they went to Gambella and Wellega and pulled out the settled Tigre settlers by force and returned them to the barren

arid zone in Tigre province and raised the head count to collect foreign wheat donations. If they care for the people the settlers would have better harvest from the fertile land but their agenda is to use the Tigre people as a bargaining chip for their hegemony. Moreover, until now  with Egypt funding trained bandits to kill and massacre famine victims settled in this region who were originally from Wello region.

The Egyptian are like a calf breastfeeding from its mother cow and when the milk is short butthead the mother milk sack to get the milk. There will be time the mother kicks the calf to stand for itself and we are now at that first stage the relation between Ethiopia and Egypt.

On the higher level the powerful developed nations like the US and European western world are also having their fight with China for the huge African resource to feed their never quenching resource sourcing. This is the modern colonization 2.0.

The surprising phenomena of this fight is when two groups fight and one is powerful and the other weak, from the powerful team when the dominant one squashes the weak the weakest from the dominant team impose the most blow under the shield of the most powerful. It is the same when the US and the strongest European nations pressure Ethiopian government; the most blows come from Ireland, Finland and Norway and their cohorts like UN organizations.

Ethiopian and Eritrean in Diaspora

The Tigre con artists are not fooling only Ethiopians and Eritreans like the Gypsies in Europe they are conning the world from Canada to USA from UK to Germany and Australia. All Ethiopians and Eritreans diaspora do track the Tigre living in your neighborhood who are rolling and rambling across the western cities shouting free Tigre stop genocide…  These are paid gangsters by money looted from Ethiopia. Google their name and find their address and do your own investigations. These Tigre who are living in US, Canada, Australia, Uk … are resettled as refugees impersonating Eritreans or admitted as political refugees.

Both are crimes that will strip his/her green card or citizenship because the refugee or political asylum is obtained by false impersonation.

You can send anonymously to ICE and immigration websites in the US and there will be equivalent in Canada and Australia  send names and crimes committed by these individuals to obtain legal status with fraud. As a citizen you are encouraged to report fraud.

These Tigre who are documented on the western street by video and their social media footprint put them as Tigre and on their refugee settlement they have used Eritrean nationality this is a clear crime and report these Tigres in your neighborhood to ICE and immigration mentioning that they obtained legal status with fraud. They should face justice. These con artists used the slot given for the Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia using their Tigre cohorts who infested the UN organization and the long arm of the government when weyane was in power.

Let’s see if these Tigre are admitted as political refugees. They have a false document to support them because they were the most favored tribe when tribalist weyane was in power. They will use Oromo or Amara tribe representation to win their case and this is fraud. The other avenue is refugee settlement and clearly a Tigre can not be resettled from Ethiopia unless they impersonated an Eritrean nationality. Both ways are criminal paths for them to get legal status.

Check the so-called “Alula Solomon ” how did he get US citizenship? Did he ask political asylum opposing weyane if the answer is yes he is a con artist to con US immigration with false pretense and is a crime. If he comes as a refugee settlement then he is impersonating false citizenship and Ethiopians and Eritreans living around his neighborhood. Do your research and report to ICE and immigration you can be anonymous and if he did forgery he will be stripped from citizenship and imprisoned for his criminal act. Also check these TMH so called journalists how they get legal status in the US and report to ICE to check their application.

If Alula got his green card as an investor where he invested 1 mil USD and above then he is one of the looters who used ill gotten money because a son of a local beer seller (“tella Shatche ligge”)  cannot afford to do that.

Also check the video where the weyane goons vandalize and trash  their used car shouting free Tigray. In the first place selling the car and sending the proceeds for your Tigre relatives would have been more helpful. These goons think they are smart and will file for the insurance company claiming vandalized car compensation. This is an insurance fraud and is a crime. Please distribute the video to all local insurance adjusters to investigate this reckless and childish act. This criminal act increases the insurance premium on the public.

In Ethiopia 

The attorney general office has asked the public to report any investment and business weyane and the cohorts are operating. This is a good step. The action has to be swift and fast with a well executed plan. Because these criminals are profiting from these businesses and paying their tugs to maim and destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopians. These should be taken

very seriously because these con artists are experts in deception.

On Tigre Banks like Wegagen, Anbessa and Abay banks freeze the weyane shareholders and they can also use their relatives name as shareholder and careful investigation should be executed. These frozen shares should be auctioned to the public and the ownership of these banks should be returned to Ethiopians and should not continue to profit as a weyane entity at the expense of Ethiopian public.

The simple example is Anbessa Bank board chairman and major shareholders are former weyane generals and if this continues to exist shame on me not on them.

Also do a thorough investigation in weyane controlled properties for instance there is a huge hotel called Elilly hotel there was some news a couple of years ago the owner of this hotel has been a civil servant in Addis City municipality and he left his job and overnight he became a billionaire and  built this hotel. This does not add up. There is a crime committed behind this wealth either as a cover for the weyane ownership or huge embezzlement or bank loan that is written off.

There should be tax and wealth inspectors who should study these types of business and check their tax payment history and trace the billions of CBE and Development bank loans looted by these con artists to enrich themselves and it is the duty of the government to make the wrong right for two reasons: stop injustice and broad daylight robbery.


About the Tigre Legends

The Tigre goons and paid cohorts have reported the passing of the gold laying goose Seyoum Mesfin and so many diatribes were written by his recruit half baked tugs.

The first ugly thing about these Tigres even when they are in government officials  is that they have two identities sometimes more. This is natural for a con artist, because when one name is exposed they change their identity with their other name and continue to con. This is a fitting for their behavior. The reason they give for having two identities is not to be singled out when they are in struggle they will be identified by a different field name. This Tigre’s  name was Embaye and he called himself Seyoum let it be.

Let us count his diplomatic achievement which is called legendary by this con artist Tigres and paid crows. From the very beginning when he became weyane FM should have negotiated with Eritrea to have Asseb as a natural port for Ethiopia. Whom are we kidding, the con artists are not to keep the interest of Ethiopia since their goal was to make ~80-90 million people nation to be landlocked and have achieved that. You call this legendary diplomacy? His goal was to weaken Ethiopia and that has worked well for his sinister goal.

He crippled the famous Ethiopian FM office and you compare him to the famous His Excellency Dr Minase Haile see the link below telling Libya defending not only Ethiopia also Africa. His excellency Goshu Wolde defended Ethiopian interest when weyane started destroying Ethiopia and we should admit it is not weyane strength is it our weakness that allowed this to happen.

Check these links and judge for yourself.

The Tigre con artists and their paid propagandists have  no caliber to judge a con artist as a seasoned diplomat who negotiates in the world arena and keeps his country and continent interests. But what this goon did was the reverse.

During the Ethio-Eritrea war first there was a huge war crime committed on Ethiopians. To dislodge the Eritrean troops from Bademe the so called the then chief of army weyane general has committed war crime by sacrificing 70,000 Ethiopian army personnel like fire wood into the hot fire. They do not care about the human sacrifice because these are not Tigre. Deliberately the recruits are sacrificed are from amara, oromo and debub and these can die for their piece of barren land. You will be judged one day!

After all this sacrifice and victory this buffoon FM went to Algeria and signed a peace agreement with Eritrea. If you are a winner there is no negotiation, the winner takes it all. If you are negotiating why you sacrifice 70,000 Ethiopians should this sacrifice go in vain?  This is not diplomacy, it is a treason.

After paying millions of dollars collected from the taxpayers for litigation retaining high paid foreign lawyers to represent Ethiopia at boundary commission, he lost the litigation and the dusty land called Bademe was given to Eritrea. In his FM office he has fired all diplomats and lawyers who were professionals at the office and replaced them by his goons and tribal cohorts. During the litigation leave alone FM his goons do not understand the legal clarification and response his office is asked to respond. He has to fly the then Ethiopian ambassador from Geneva ambassador Fisseha Yimer to reply to the legal response and one man can not do it all. Because this goon destroyed the office, Ethiopia is paying for the weak foreign representation in the world arena today. After the boundary commission decision this buffon went to the media and said all we claimed including Bademe is decided for Ethiopia and his goons were celebrating. Unless one has no respect to the public that he leads, how come you lie on their face? Or is he so stupid that the Eritrean side will not declare to the world the correct decision? Whom is he fooling?  You call this world class diplomacy judge for yourself.

In our neighbors crisis this goon FM bamboozled himself as chief negotiator for South Sudan. Direct quotes from some of the South Sudan negotiators leave alone to propose a new idea and lead the negotiation, due to lack of self expression they were not able to understand what he was blabbering. That is a shame for Ethiopia to be represented by such a douchebag. If you do not have the skill to express yourself in a foreign language that is fine you can negotiate in Tigrigna and have a knowledgeable translator, do not confuse people.  The diplomat goes further the idea that this goon and cohorts propose was not to bring the factions to agreement, a more sinister and divisive idea that widens the difference. No wonder they are experts and have sawed such hate and division in Ethiopia too and that is the only language they know.

This is the worst FM in Ethiopian history and his goons and paid reporters calling him a martyred golden egg laying goose instead should be called a chicken-poop who left the 70,000 Ethiopian sacrifice go in vain at the diplomatic table.

Let us be smart and unmask these Tigre con artists who are wreaking havoc on the ordinary Ethiopians life enough is enough!


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