US America: Stop Meddling in the internal Affairs of Ethiopia

Date: May 21, 2021

We Ethiopian Canadians are dismayed by the United States Senate Resolution S.Res.97 that advance a disturbing idea of moral equivalency between the legitimate government of Ethiopia and Tigray People’s Liberation Front. A terrorist outfit that precipitated the current conflict by pre- emptive attacking the Northern Command of Ethiopian Army station in Tigray for 30 years.

We note that Ethiopia’s parliament unanimously declared Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as a terrorist organization in May 2021. Ethiopians are very disturbed by the US senates’ call to negotiate with a terrorist organization. This call is tantamount to legitimizing domestic and international terrorism in Ethiopia. US senates’ resolution S.Res.97 is equivalent to asking the United States Government to negotiate with Osama Bin Laden and ISIS terrorists.

The steps taken by Ethiopian government against the TPLF to maintain law and order is a none- negotiable responsibility of a sovereign nation around the world. Ethiopia is no exception. Mobilizing Ethiopian national defence forces including special forces of the regional administrations in order to maintain law and order within its own territory is Ethiopia’s government exclusive and prime responsibility.

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More importantly, Ethiopia is an ally of the UN peacekeeping operation in Africa and Asia. Ethiopia’s stellar contributions to UN peacekeeping effort in safeguarding the collective security around the world has been nothing but exemplary. The US worked closely with Ethiopia to fight terrorists such as Al Shabab and Al Qaeda in Somalia and Sudan. The GoE’s operation in Tigray was aimed at removing the TPLF, an organization listed as terrorist entity in the Global Terrorism Database. In this operation Ethiopia should be considered an ally of US and other nations who are fighting against international terrorism.

Ethio-US bilateral relations have a century old history of cooperation and mutual understanding. Ethiopians constitute one of the largest migrant population from Africa to US. Unfortunately, the US is also a sanctuary for TPLF supporters who are currently misinforming the public and particularly the US officials who have been misled to support S.Res.97.


Ethiopia is focused to fighting poverty and underdevelopment. America’s leadership is at its finest when it helps other countries such as Ethiopia lift themselves out of poverty. Appeasing a terrorist group such as TPLF is unbecoming of America’s core values. We, therefore, respectfully request the USA administration to engage the Ethiopian government constructively.

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ECNAS (Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support)

For Further information please contact: e.abebe@ecnas.ca


  1. If Ethiopia could even show any sign of being self sufficient in food then USA would not have needed to hold an intervention.

  2. The sponsor of the resolution is the Republican senator from Idaho. It is just a resolution calling for cessation of destructive fighting in Tigray because innocent civilians have been victimized. Today the Attorney General in Addis/Finfine has issued a damning report accusing Eritrean soldiers of killing civilians. In the report it was alleged that women were raped and various properties were looted and destroyed. These allegations also includes against certain soldiers of the ENDF. No matter how we look at it during wars atrocities are bound to happen. That comes with the territory. It is a dead giveaway. The trick is how the officials would rise up to the occasion and hold those criminals accountable. The AG there seems to be doing just that. I hope we will see the trial of those who committed the crime in the coming months. I am not talking about those who were killed in a fair fight but others who were killed in cold blood.

  3. I know Ethiopian people join the military as the least choice job at infantry level. Hence I don’t doubt that there could be some in the military with low character and could commit crimes that they are accused of. Similarly, there are a lot of civilians who lie without hesitation to achieve their goals. In short, Tigrayans should never be trusted to tell the truth. We see them how they lie to the international media. No need of elaboration on that. I myself was a victim of their lies during the Derg era when I was working there as a student. I left my country because of them for there was no way I could get justice. Hence no soldier should be found guilty just by word of mouth because they are famous for ganging up. The standard for finding them guilty must be photos or DNA. Anything short of that is injustice on the soldiers.
    It is to be remembered, on video, one Tigrayan woman advising women to soil themselves with red ink to fake rape.
    That is how dishonest they are.

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