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Urgent Message to Amara Elites: Speak Up Against The Ethnic Cleansing of Amara!

If you keep silent during this ethnic cleansing of Amaras, you will be cursed by history and the coming generations!

Belayneh Abate

Again, the Amaras are filling up the prisons and torture chambers! It is a subhuman or worthless life to live a quiet and comfortable life while our source or base population is suffering from the endless massacre, incarceration, torture, displacement, hunger and preventable diseases

The Amara People faced ethnic cleansing because it was falsely and purposely declared as oppressor of  the “nations and nationalities.  As a result of these declaration, the Amaras have been subjected to systematic  massacre, incarceration, torture, sterilization, displacement, starvation, poor education and economical development.  As the testimonies, physical and mental status of Amara prisoners demonstrate, even the detention centers  were disproportionately harsher on Amaras.

No creature in the universe sits idle when its progenies face atrocities that lead to extinction. Most Amara elites have been sitting idle when their progenies have been systematically subjected to ill-treatment in every corner of the country.

As humans,  we hope the world to be fair, compassionate and free of corruption and crimes. In realty, the world is full of corruption, unfairness, injustice and murders.

Ideally, we want the globe to be free of racial, sexual, religious, social status or  other forms of discrimination.  In realty, the globe has been inundated with  any forms of discrimination since the birth of mankind.

Ideally, we wish the honest, the loyal and the just  govern nations. In realty, the liars, the traitors, the hypocrites, the criminals rule countries.

Because the liars, the traitors and the criminals  rule countries, the earth has been Hell for the weak since the era of genesis.

As we know, the Jewish people were massacred by the Nazis because they were  weak and blamed for all the problems of that time Germany.

Similarly, the Amaras have been massacred,  imprisoned, tortured, displaced, sterilized,  and subjected to illiteracy and starvation because they are blamed for all the problems of the country.  The elimination of Amara has continued and a large number of them are currently imprisoned,  displaced  even from the outskirts of Addis Ababa and other parts of the country where their forefathers protected spilling their blood since the earth was created.

Despite this survival threat of the Amara , the Amara elites still  talk about empty love, unity, reconciliation, forgiveness  standing behind the  Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF) appointed “prime mister “.  This  criminal prime mister is the leader of EPRDF that hanged water bottles on testicles  of men to sterilized Amaras. This hypocrite prime mister is the leader of EPRDF that administered unique birth control programs to sterilize Amara women. This prime mister is the leader of EPRDF that killed a son and forced his mother to sit on her son’s dead body.

As many opportunist elites think, this hypocrite- pastor  prime mister is not a man of love and unity. If he was a man of love and unity,  he could not have served the Tigre Peoples Libration Front for more than 20 years. If he was a man of love,  he could not have built a breast monument based on fire- place folktales.  If he was a man of love and God,  he could have gone to a Monastery for redemption and repentance, not to palace to have more luxurious life and fame at the expense of martyrs  his party crucified.

Dear Amara Elites, please stop believing the preaching of the hypocrite and criminal pastors. By the time criminal pastors preach about “unity and love”, the Amara People were being displaced even from the outskirts of Addis Ababa,  Begemidir,  Gojjam, Wollo and Shoa. Despite these ominous dangers the Amara people is facing throughout the country , some of you are still beating the drums with  the criminal unborn again pastor,  who spits empty love words. Empty love words come also from the mouths of monsters  that snatch believers from the hands of God. As the book of books teaches, you identify monsters by their past and current deeds, not by their empty words.

Ideally, we want the whole world to be united, to be fair and just. Unfortunately, the world has never been united, fair and just since Adam was through out to Earth from the Garden of Eden. Hoping the world will be united, fair and just  one day, the religious and  the cultured Amara people suffered more than the Jewish People suffered in Europe  for the last 28 years.

The Amara people that has never been tricked even by the sophisticated European colonizers were deceived and betrayed by its on  elites. Some  deplorable Amara elites  are serving Amara killers in different capacities, and majority others  have kept silent enjoying their luxurious lives. It is past due for Amara elites to stand by their people and teach the victimized Amaras about survival facts in a hostile environment.  One of these  survival fact is to understand what  Richard Connell said in his beautiful writing, the Most Dangerous Game:  “The World is Made Up of The Hunters and The Huntees.”

For  more than 42 years, the huntees have been the Amaras. Understanding this realty, the Amara elites shall stand in unison and support the struggle of the Amara for survival. Living a quiet life at this juncture is living the lives of the fat pigs! Let us not live the lives of fat pigs and die the death of the creeping soil bugs!

If you keep silent during this ethnic cleansing of Amaras, you will be cursed by history and the coming generations. Amaras, like your forefathers,  stand united and tall!  Thank you.


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