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Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths Condemns All Diversion of Aid Assets

 Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths, has condemned all diversion of aid assets.

In a statement released yesterday, Griffiths said “I was disturbed to learn of the forcible removal of fuel tankers from the warehouse of the World Food Programme in Mekelle, in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.”

He added that those supplies, 12 tankers carrying over 570,000 liters of fuel, were meant to help the UN and its partners to bring humanitarian supplies to people who badly need assistance.

The Under-Secretary-General stressed that “without them, people will be left without food, nutrition supplements, medicines and other essential items. At a time when malnutrition and food insecurity are rising, the consequences can be dire.”

Griffiths stated that “I (therefore) condemn all diversion of aid assets. Humanitarian relief supplies must be protected throughout Ethiopia. Obstruction of humanitarian aid must stop.”

2 thoughts on “Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths Condemns All Diversion of Aid Assets”

  1. But seriously it makes me wonder why this official and his organization decided to bemoan the theft of fuel and food aid inventory at this time. Debre and his rag tags have been stealing cans of sardines and boxes of crackers for years going back to the 1980’s. Even right after the current conflict erupted there were hundreds of trucks fully loaded with food and medicine with full tanks that never made it back. To Debre and his cabals stealing is not just a onetime violation but it has been habitual they will not give up. For most part they have been very crafty. That is why it has been extremely difficult to trace those $30 plus in US dollars that were pilfered from the nation’s coffers in less than a decade between 2000 and 2018. There should be a sequel movie made to ‘How To Marry a Millionaire’ titled ‘How To Steal Billions’ starring Walrus Getachew and Beer Gut Debre with supporting roles by Amhara and Oromo actors as their beasts of burden.

  2. I like what Ittu Aba Farda was saying: “. . . with supporting roles by Amhara and Oromo actors as their beasts of burden.” That is sad but very true.

    Well, it is now the Amhara cadres, Amhara actors, or Amara PP, serving as the beasts of burden to the Abiy’s Oromo PP, the new TPLF, that is even worse than the old TPLF, arrogant and extremely stupid and embarrassing and laughable. Abiy Ahmed’s government is a government that is being led by little children, senseless, silly little children!

    Anyway, the malignant narcissistic retards, the TPLF, have started war against the country once more – and now we could trust Abiy Ahmed to completely screw up the country’s response and mismanage everything and more, guaranteed!

    Anyone with any sense would have learned from Mengistu Hailemariam about the futility of trying to conduct a long war without getting solid backing from the public. Abiy and his zombies continually give the Ethiopian people the fingers while at the same time expecting the people to support them, how misguided!

    During Mengistu, Ethiopians hated his government but they didn’t know the TPLF – so their resistance against the TPLF was very lukewarm, how could anything could be worse than Mengistu, was the refrain. Well, they know now the painful answer to that now.

    Now, the people know the TPLF thugs very well – and they hate them passionately!

    And the People also know the idiotic and childish and the extremely arrogant Abiy Ahmed and his zombies who together have been continuously humiliating and disrespecting the Ethiopian people.
    What is the Ethiopian people to do?

    Protect themselves with whatever they can and hope these two sick MFs destroy each other.

    Specially, the Amhara Fano and other forces in the Amhara region and elsewhere must treat all of them as their enemies: that is, Abiy Ahmed and his forces, the TPLF – in particularly, they must work to cripple and destroy the Amhara beasts of burden, the Amara ADP, among them!

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