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UAE airlifts 30 tonnes of food aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray region

By Wam /Dubai News

The UAE has sent a plane carrying 30 tonnes of food items to Mekele, in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, as part of its direct relief airlift to meet the growing needs of the population.

The assistance included sending 13 relief, medical and food aid planes, including 7 planes to the Tigray region, carrying 220 tonnes.

Mohamed Salem Al Rashidi, UAE Ambassador to Ethiopia, said that the aid comes within the framework of the UAE’s efforts to provide all support to countries in need, especially to support women and children, to assist them in overcoming dire conditions, noting that the UAE has provided $85 million to support relief operations in Ethiopia in cooperation with international organisations.

Al Rashidi indicated that the UAE has always been among the first countries to provide relief aimed at achieving security and stability in all friendly African countries, given its leadership’s belief that the world must stand in solidarity and unite in solving humanitarian challenges while harnessing all efforts to provide relief to those in need around the world.

The UAE has sent 500 tonnes of urgent food and medical aid to Addis Ababa since the beginning of the year until March 2022.


2 thoughts on “UAE airlifts 30 tonnes of food aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray region”

  1. This is great news. Not a single person in that region should die from lack of food or lack of basic medicine. Not one in this day and age. I’m holding the leaders of both sides responsible for every citizen that has died for lack of food or available medicine. You two have your children and loved ones well fed and medically treated while others die from hunger and easily treatable illness? Come on!!! I am holding you both responsible and the rest of the world should hold you responsible. If you have any working senses or decency you should profusely apologize to those who lost their loved ones because of your stubbornness.

  2. It sounds good humanitarian gesture oe so but be weary of the internal poltical involvement of these wealth upstart Arabs in any selfrespeting nationi. They are not exclusively for humanitarian agenda. They are after other geopolitical agendas and meddling of internal affairs by courting all sides involved of any given conflict.. Ask the experience of poor Yemenis, Somalis ,Jibouti and other poor Arab and muslims countries. They are liability rather than genuine helping hand. Can’t be trusted these seemingly honey and innocent offers which is intfact laden with poisonous subterranean of ulterior political motives and deceit. Just sayn’ the obvious.

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