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Hibere Radion Interview with Major Dawit Wolde Giorgis | Imposter Abiy Ahmed

Hibere Radion Interview with  Major General Dawit Wolde Giorgis on Imposter Abiy Ahmed

7 thoughts on “Hibere Radion Interview with Major Dawit Wolde Giorgis | Imposter Abiy Ahmed”

  1. Zehabesha,
    Please make correction: Dawit Wolde-giorgis’s rank is army Major, not Major-General.

    Major Dawit was a very close friend of Mengistu Hailemariam. In 1985 he fled to America when he realized Derg’s days were winding down. It was widely reported back then that he got away with a bundle of aid money. For all we know Dawit worked with the CIA and even wrote a book titled, Red Tears, a sort of expose of Derg regime.

    He later transitioned into security consultancy, presenting himself as expert in Rwandan genocide. When Tplf left town and Abiy Ahmed became the new prime minister, Dawit was the first to talk about a transitional gov. Many have wondered if he had himself as a candidate. Problem? Abiy was supported by the US and was subsequently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Dawit’s bitterness subsequently took a different tone; mainly ethnic/racist, as Abiy is half Oromo and Dawit Amhara. Dawit, the late-Professor Getachew Haile, Eskinder Nega and such began accusing Ethiopia of committing genocide (and went on to deliver a “document” to the UN in New York). Many observers took their action as stabbing the Motherland in the back (similar to what Tplf and Eprp did in the mid-1970s). What is puzzling is that Dawit by and large had kept mum before Abiy came to power.

    Of late, Dawit has come up with the term “imposter” to describe Abiy Ahmed. He may have some legitimate reasons there. Only problem?: Dawit is the last person to level that kind of accusation, having let down his country twice in her hour of suffering. In other words, Major Dawit has no credibility whatsoever.

  2. A very distinguished life.
    One reservation I have is the following. It is regarding his understanding of the Rwanda Genocide.

    The major failing of the major is that he never benefited from the scientific world view of the communist Derg. To see a VIP that has gone through the revolutionary thinking process of the sixties fail to comprehend the capitalist forces behind the Rwanda Genocide is very sad.
    What a waste! If there came nothing out of the bloody conflicts and revolution of the sixties, at least the tool to analyze geopolitical and politico economic factors motivating global capitalism should be one worthy asset to retrieve out of all that bloody mess.

    With a faulty understanding of the Rwanda Genocide, Major Dawit cannot prescribe a plausible solution for the Grand Ethiopian Genocide that is in the works.

  3. Tadesse Agunie

    I have listened to the entire interview(rather book promotion infomercials) attentively. It sounds that this former Derg’s handyman is ticked off because the council that was officiated by the seating members of the parliament was not handed to him on a dinner plate. The council has just started holding sessions this week. To this soldier he and only he holds all the means to solve every problem Ethiopia faces now. But there one thing he is best at. He knows how to promote his book for a retirement fund. ‘I have stated that in my book’ again and again.

  4. Ittu Aba Farda

    Would somebody please translate the highlights of his interview in English? I would appreciate it. From the headline for the article that he has called PM Abiy an imposter. That could be a little too harsh.

  5. Talking individuals’ past and present is one things, lifting Ethiopia out of the current economic, social and political mess is quite another. Birhanu Nega was often portrayed by his disciples as the one who has solutions for almost all of Ethiopia’s problems. The Education Ministry that he leads now is embroiled in a serious controversy over the grading of university entrance exams, an indication of a system-wide problem and why we should not put too much blame on individuals. All this said, Major Dawit is an interesting personality and even a political opportunist, yet I wonder why he was characterized as a great patriot when he was rubbing shoulders with Birhanu .Nega and other opposition leaders and his accusers and counter-accusers emerged when he began speaking about Amahra causes..

  6. Yeshewasew Ergete

    From what I heard in his interview he suggests something has to be done with PM Abiy. I get a feeling that he may be suggesting a coup to bring down the prime minister. I hope I am wrong but I sense that from his statements.

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