Two reasons why I don’t support ESAT

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ESAT Daily News Amsterdam April 19 2013 By Eyob Haile

Just after 3 years of establishment ESAT turns to be the dominant, if not, the sole source of information to Ethiopians who reside in and outside the country, not dismissing the hope it has rekindled among the majority of Ethiopians that the organization would usher in a change that many Ethiopians have been fighting for generations. Save the aborted 2005 election, there is no any other time than now that Ethiopians started to feel change is imminent. Listening the public opinion that is aired on ESAT regularly , one can conclude that ESAT is writing history in front of our eyes . Although a foreign based media, ESAT has able to extend its tentacles in almost all parts of Ethiopia. Today anything happening in the remotest section of Ethiopia will not escape the strong eyes of ESAT. The eviction of the Amhara people from Benshagul Gumuz is a case in point. Had it not been for ESAT, the plight of our people would have remained unknown. Even the age old news media outlets in the likes of VOA and DW radios caught this news long after ESAT has made it an “ordinary story”. Government owned ETV has not yet reported about the eviction though the bosses have acknowledged that the government did commit a serious crime.
Three years ago any politician or activist would covet to appear on the BBC , CNN or Aljazeera, now that became history. Ethiopians are able to form their own BBC , their own Aljazeera, just in three years. I must take off my hat to all ESAT staff who have turned something impossible to something possible. ESAT taught us that something extraordinary could be achieved if we utilized our own potential with determination and self confidence. ESAT boosted our confidence , became the pride of Ethiopians aboard who had been criticized for shouting but doing nothing concrete for the people of Ethiopia .
Having said those kind words about ESAT, let me mention two important reasons why I failed to contribute for ESAT in the last 3 years. I used to listen ESAT news for free. What better explains, then, my failure to contribute a single cent for my primary source of information ? Selfishness! I must declare ” I am selfish”. If I run out of a hotel to avoid paying my dues after I got my delicious meal , if I am not poor, then I am selfish. Some of you may give this and that reason for failing to support ESAT . Come on guys! You are cheating yourselves. There is no free lunch on earth.
ESAT Daily News – April 17, 2013ESAT journalists eke out day in and day out to gather information. They never complained that ” they are tired off “. In doing so, they have shattered the information monopoly of the regime, which was helping it to sustain its absolute power in the last 21 years. I sometimes doubt if they have any remaining time to spend it with their family. If all ESAT journalists are single, they must be celibate, otherwise no girl or boy will tolerate this. If they have families, and are healthy , the families must be special ones or rare in type. Imagine they live in Europe and America and family requirements in these continents is not like in Ethiopia. It is a must to spend a certain portion of time with your kids, otherwise you will lose your kids to another family who promise to raise your kids by giving them sufficient time and attention. That is why I said our journalists have special families. The paradox is here then. If these brave journalists spend much of their time to inform me about my country, what good reason can explain my failure to log in and pay 10 dollar per month to support them? Idleness! I must declare I am idle! Selfishness and idleness are the two main reasons why I failed to support ESAT.

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  1. ESAT is no different than ETV. One is the mouth piece of woyanne and the other of ginbot 7. People don’t waste your money by contributing to a group of people trying to make a living by fabricating lies. They are building their villas in Addis with your money just like the guys from the churches, Arbegnoch ginbar, kinijit and so on. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on you, I won’t give them a penny.

  2. Eyob thank you for your honest confession and testimony about a miraculous task of ESAT crew in the last three years. I cannot deny that you are a very good articulate man what mama Ethiopia would like to see on this critical time.

    We believe and trust people working around ESAT. Its our money which is running ESAT and smashing TPLF regime and causing fear and constant nightmare since the very first day of its launch.

    People working around ESAT are not like Woyanes and their cadres who are ruthlessly embuzzling public funds of the poorest nation on earth ‘ETHIOPIA’.

    Any concerned citizen who is adament to combat corruption and grand theft in Ethiopia would rather fight with WOYANE/TIGREA.

    Well done ESAT. Keep doing your marvelous job. History will never forget you forever you are just leaving your finger print on Ethiopian history book.

  3. Assuming ESAT was an alternative,independent and well balanced source of news was supporting in finance and in morale. As the days passed I have found the true picture of ESAT and Ande Ethiopia have summarized it in poetic way there is no need to add more. Thier negative approach to London churches and supporting the technocrat than spirtiual leader should not be passed with out quoted. In my part not only supporting but I tell others not to support ESAT.

  4. ESAT is one of the best radio station for all Ethiopians.Any one who copares ESAT with ETV is a moran or a TPLF agent. all ESAT are very professional ,I wish them best of luck

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