Ethiopia’s genocidal minority junta verging on madness?

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The Horn Times News 21 April 2013

Human rights institutions urged to assist in stopping the illegal transfer of political prisoners to Zeway death camp.

By Getahune Bekele, South Africa

Tamrat LayneLocated 170 kms south-east of Addis Ababa on the outskirt of Zeway town, the Zeway death camp has been in the news recently after the ruling minority junta began sending political prisoners to the camp since early March 2013.
Chillingly dubbed “the Auschwitz of Africa” the prison was established by former TPLF strong man Tamrat Laine (pictured) in 1993 as forced labor camp to provide cheap slave labor force for his massive sunflower and vegetable farms in the area which he co-owned with the uncontestable black billionaire Sheik Alamoudi Mohammed.
However, after the 2005 nationwide anti-TPLF insurrection, the walled in ghetto with high death rate than any other prison in Ethiopia was transformed into death camp by the late evil tyrant Meles Zenawi.
The high death rate is attributed to malaria infestation, cholera outbreak, tuberculosis, severe malnutrition and unbearable overcrowding; and to widespread torture and extrajudicial killings committed by carefully selected corrupt Tigre camp guards.

In the camp synonymous with poor sanitation, prisoners drink untreated water drawn from the nearby Lake Zeway. The stench of human waste and raw sewerage hangs in the air and gets worse during rainy season.
According to investigation done by the Horn Times and vital information obtained from former inmates, suicide is rampant at the country’s most brutal facility where the minority Tigre junta enslaves Ethiopians forcing them to live with rats and lice inside concrete cells in unspeakable squalor.
“Zeway concentration camp is the most frightening place to be at specially if you are a political prisoner. To survive there you need malaria tablet, the most sought after item in the camp. The brutal Tigre guards sell two tablets of proguanil Hydrochloride and chloroquine phosphate for up to 3 USD to those who afford it, and the smuggled medication costs double that amount.” A former political prisoner who spent 8 years in the facility without ever given a trial date told the Horn Times.
“But for Amhara and Oromo political prisoners things are very different. Even when they produce money to buy medication the genocidal TPLF camp guards would tell them ‘keep your money, you are here to die.’ All guard towers inside Zeway are mini-enterprises for the Tigres who are making extra cash by selling medications, insect repellants, cigarettes and other basic goods at inflated price. Your life in Zeway camp as political prisoner is at the complete mercy of the sadist guards. I am wondering what will happen the day this junta collapses and the entire wronged army of political prisoners attain freedom. Surely there will be a reckoning…” the ex- inmate from the Rift valley city of Awassa warned.
Currently families who are unable to visit their incarcerated loved ones are pinning their hope on the international human rights organizations and Amnesty international to stop this madness of the genocidal junta which is continuing with the erratic, tyrannical and increasingly bloody course pursued by the late despot Meles Zenawi for more than two decades.
“Please appeal on our behalf to amnesty international to make unannounced visit to the death camp.” A depressed mother of two kids whose father is languishing in Zeway said stressing that only the international community has the power to stop the systematic genocide of exposing political prisoners to deadly malaria epidemic.
Furthermore, according to very reliable source within the junta’s hierarchy, in a recent high level TPLF secret meeting attended by supreme ruler Debretsion Gebremikael, security chief Getachew Asefa and the most feared man, federal police boss Workeneh Gebyehu a plan has been approved to send political prisoners the junta considers a threat to the heavily guarded Diredawa prison in eastern desert city of Diredawa which houses thousands of captured OGNLF, OLF and Alshabab fighters.
However, the names of the so called high security risk political prisoners weren’t mentioned at the meeting.


  1. My friend, Mr. Tamirat Layene, this idea of ” God met me in prison” is not salvation! and if it is to me it is a funny way of being saved!! And you know what? We have thousands upon thousands of such professions of faith throughout the land!
    When did you repent of your sins? you may have asked God to forgive you of your sins and that is good! But what about the people that you maimed, imprisoned and blundered? Did you publicly ask for forgiveness? not that I know of!!
    Listen, When Jesus met Zacchaeus under that sycomore tree and saved him, what did Zacchaus said, ” Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation I restore him four fold!” ” Have you publicly apologized to the people who suffered under you? When?”
    If you really realize that Christ died on the Cross to save your soul from eternal judgment of Hell, you will surely come out publicly and with tears in your eyes ask the public to forgive you! and you will not be ashamed of that!
    Remember this: you sinned against God and you sinned against the nation !
    You know Mr. Aray Gerbremedhin? He is the only one person who publicly apologized for his crime (sin) against the nation with tears in his eyes and tried to undo what he did. I wish I could say about him that he is saved! How I long for that man to be saved !
    Friend, do check your salvation experience, see to it that it is not an illusion !!! make sure that you are not reprobate! climbing up some other way !!

    The Lord Bless you
    Bro. Yehayes

  2. Dear Yehanes, I see your comment about former PM. Tamirat Layene. It is good comment what I do not agree with you once we repent our sin to God we are forgiven. God never ever not remember our sin. Why you bring this guy sin today .Do you think we can get any solution for today’s problem out of it? We should deal today’s problem. I can understand your problem you are not forgiven him, please question yourself plus you look like a believer. Do you understand the mercy of God? Please read carefully this “And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act ….Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more” John 8: 3- 11
    Good luck !

  3. My Friend Mr.Gebeyehu,
    I want to say this; that no man is really sorry of his sins and repents in any true sense, until his sorrow makes him willing to face the shame of confession. Remember when the prodigal son came to himself?, he said, ” I have sinned against heaven (and he did not stop there) and in thy sight, and I am no more worthy to be called thy son.”
    The prodigal son had sinned against God and his father, and he confessed that and then the father – son relationship restored. Do you find any where in the Gospel where it reads, ” father I have asked God to forgive me my sins and now I have made things right with God, and I want you to take me back!!”? But you know what? he said, ” I have sinned in thy sight and I am not worthy to be called thy son.” that to me is true and genuine confession and repentance!

    Listen, lots of the professions of faith we are witnessing these days are so shallow that they don’t have any substance in them.!! I have travelled extensively, and visited many churches (talked to individuals far and wide) and I can say without any contradiction that 90% of those who said they are saved, have never been born again in the first place. ( I know you call a statement like judgmental). But it is a naked fact!! Sometimes the truth is very hard to swallow!
    Mr. Layene, did not sin against me as an individual, but he sinned against a nation, and a people, that is where he needs forgiveness from.
    I presume that Pride is the one problem with many to make public confession! And I am encouraging Mr. Layene to make a full restitution!

    The Lord Bless you
    Bro. Yehayes

  4. It doesn’t mean that Layene is completely reformed. That is how those liars using sprituality to cheat the floks. There is no way that a mother or a father who lost his beloved son or daughter can forgive him. Becuase GOD visited him while he was in jail. He can go and tell those zeway filamingos. TPLF is still termit breathing dead body CO2. They still thinking that there will no leader can born in that country after capilalist dictator Zenawayi. So let him fool his fellow fooled protestant. He will face the crime he comitted aginast human being when the time come.

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