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TPLF Starving Tigrayans by Rejecting Ceasefire, Blocking Humanitarian Aid and Stealing Farmers’ Food

October 16, 2021

By Kungu Al-mahadi Adam

For selfish interests, the TPLF terrorists, have decided to deliberately starve millions of Ethiopians living in Tigray and they continue being adamant on calls to restore peace.

Thousands have since succumbed to hunger and hundreds of thousands are relentlessly pleading to the terrorists to stop the fighting – killing of innocent civilians, raping girls and women, but most importantly not interrupting the flow of humanitarian support into the Northern region.

The terrorist group and its allies in the media are now all over social media and other online platforms acting victim to crimes they themselves are either committing or aiding to commit on the innocent people of Ethiopia.

However, the narrative that “Ethiopia government is starving its own people”, lacks basis of truth, it is false propaganda aimed at soiling the legitimate government.

See, TPLF and its allies openly rejected the Unilateral Ceasefire announced by federal government in June and instead opted to fight-on as they kill the people, rape women and girls, starve innocent Ethiopians in the area, displace them as well as use children in battlefield.

And so, to claim that the same government that, at will, rooted for a stop of hostilities to allow farming activities and access of humanitarian support in the area, is starving its own people is illogical, untrue and an act of self-seeking.

If TPLF wanted Tigrayan-Ethiopians to get out of the current situation, I thought it would support the ceasefire. Why fight to the extent of extending war to Amhara and Afar regions – still to cause similar horrifying crimes on the people?? Why would government call for a ceasefire if it wanted to starve Tigrayans?

Isn’t it even a fact that despite the risk involved, the Ethiopian government reduced roadblocks on the road to Tigray from seven to only two with an aim of aiding quick movement of trucks carrying humanitarian aid. How then can the same government block aid to reach its own people?

It is on record that the government of Ethiopia has been supplying some food items to the affected people in Tigray since the outbreak of the conflict despite the challenges put by the terrorist group. Is this also an act of starving Tigrayans or saving them?

Is it the Ethiopian government that confiscated the more than 500 humanitarian aid trucks that entered Tigray and never returned to fetch more support for the starving people?

It is a known that TPLF is working hard to deny the starving people aid in order to blame the federal government with an aim of attracting international sympathy.

See, farmers in not only Tigray but also in parts of Amhara and Afar regions where the terrorists are occupying, narrate horrible stories of how their ready harvest is stolen by TPLF and that the terrorists do consume the stockpiled food.

The same group has not spared food-aid warehouses and forcibly taking the distributed assistance from recipients. Is it still the federal government that is commiting these acts?

The federal government has a constitutional mandate of protecting all the citizens of Ethiopia including those in Tigray. It has a responsibility of ensuring respect of human rights of all Ethiopians and its involvement in Tigray is purely on those grounds.

TPLF must admit that Ethiopians want a chance to move forward. It had its 27 years and the people are not willing to return to the widespread political repressions, economic as well as social marginalization witnessed during their rule.

After 27 years of its dominance in the nation, TPLF insists Ethiopia will fall apart if “we do not lead it”. Its leaders have insisted on terrorizing civilian communities by saying “if we don’t hold the supremacy, and if it’s necessary, we could go down to hell to disintegrate Ethiopia.”

However, Ethiopians are united in saying it is an ancient and historical country, never colonized and should not be disintegrated by TPLF rebel motives.

TPLF ought to desist from committing war crimes on the innocent people of Ethiopia as well as destroying the country, but instead work with the legitimate government towards building Ethiopia together.

The Writer is a Ugandan Journalist with passion for current African affairs.


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  1. Subject: “TPLF Starving Tigrayans by Rejecting Ceasefire, Blocking Humanitarian Aid and Stealing Farmers’ Food”” by Kungu Al-mahadi Adam, OCTOBER 16, 2021

    QUOTE: TPLF ought to desist from committing war crimes on the innocent people of Ethiopia as well as destroying the country, but instead work with the legitimate government towards building Ethiopia together UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 16 Oct 2021 The above quote is a gem from a caring AFRICAN BROTHER from our neighbour Uganda. Do the INSTIGATOR INDIVIDUALS listen to the gem of an advice? NO, NO, NO, NEVER. WHY? Because, they are obsessed by POWER and GREED for themselves >>>NEVER for the ordinary people of Tigray. Don’t forget the individuals who instigated the whole horror are those who attempted to get the top most post in the Ethiopian heirarchy!!!! But, Alas, a very young Oromo lad [aged 40] beat them to the POST in ETHIOPIA. They were furious to the level of madness. Keep on reading.

    One can only conjure the depth of disappointment, madness and, above all, revenge at any cost of life. Sad to say, that is our exact manifestation of stupidity and madness of our African Leaders. They are not there to help Africa but to milk Africa to its bones — yes, by its own children!!!! If this is not a strange phenomenon, vowed by the grown-up ‘Children of Africa’ , there is no other expression to explain the bizarre attitude of educated Black African’s hunger for Power and cash money. In that atmosphere, Africa does not need colonial powers to destroy it — it has its own indigenous mechanism to destroy itself by itself That is what European colonialism bestowed upon the honest > sincere> religious > obedient BLACK AFRICANS — the Children of GOD — presumably ‘white’!!! Amen – Inshallah (in Alphabetical order) THE END

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