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TPLF ignores the call from the citizens as well as international bodies and Listen to Ana Gomez’s interview of her disappointment after the 2005 elections

May 30, 2015
Girum K
May 30/2015
Deitingen/ Sw.
At the time of the mournful election 2005, I had the opportunity to observe the very strong and truthful personality of Ana Gomez, as I was a member of the election observation team represented by the Carter center.

In the election 2010, she said she doesn’t expect the election to be democratic.  And she said  “I have tried to discourage the European Commission and Council from sending a mission to Ethiopia because the conditions are not there for a genuine election, knowing what happened in 2005 and since then in terms of the repression of the regime,”.  She also said Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and European Union institutions tried to pressure her into writing a favourable report five years ago.

“Some member states have been responsible for giving some international respectability to the regime of Meles Zenawi, which doesn’t deserve it because of the oppression. It’s a totalitarian regime.”
She said France, Britain and Germany had major interests in the products they sell to the regime and added that the industry of aid is not much better.
In the recent Ethiopian election, she succeeded  in convincing her colleagues  not to send an observation team to Ethiopia. Finally, they realized that they should not be fooled anymore. And I am sure that they felt good about their decision when they get the information about the 100 % win of the ruling “EPRDF”, TPLF party.
In the audio attached with this article, Ms. Ana Gomez has very well mentioned that the current Ethiopian government is not trustworthy regarding its manifestation on the democratic election and economic growth.  It is worthy to listen and understand to what extent the international communities are following and influencing Ethiopian politics.
It is beyond my knowledge to forecast what will be the future of our beloved country, seeing the result of the recent election result,  being devalued and outcasted by international entities.  And how long the ruling party ”EPRDF”. TPLF ignores the call from the citizens as well as international bodies.
Ethiopia shall be free!!
Girum von Meklit

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