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The Release of the ONLF Negotiators Abducted by the Ethiopian Government

(ONLF) — The Ethiopian government has released the two ONLF negotiators Mr Sulub Ahmed and Ali Hussein who were abducted in Nairobi by the Ethiopian government and were freed on June 1, 2015. Ethiopian security official brought the two delegates to Moyale town, at Ethiopian-Kenyan border. The two delegates are now in Nairobi and have been reunited with their families. After their abduction on January 26, 2014, they were taken to Ethiopia and detained in an undisclosed facility for one year and four months.
The Ethiopian government released the two delegates after sustained diplomatic efforts by the Kenyan government and members of the international community in support of calls by the ONLF for their release. The Kenyan government is facilitating the ongoing dialogue between ONLF and the Ethiopian government.
The ONLF welcomes the release and return of its two delegates as a positive development that removes an important obstacle to progress in the peace talks.
ONLF is committed to continuing the peace process in pursuit of a just and durable political solution.
Issued by ONLF

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