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The Unconscious Minds of Ethiopian Elites Defeated Their Conscious Minds for Years!

November 18, 2023

By Belayneh Abate

Research in psychology, neurology and sociology has shown that the mind is made up of the conscious and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is the rational or critical mind, and the unconscious mind includes but not limited to, the unprocessed information, impulses, desires, needs and wants.

Although we might not be aware of it, there is always a battle between the conscious and the unconscious mind. A robber robs when his unconscious mind defeats his conscious mind. A poor shopper borrows and buys the most expensive goods to resemble others when his unconscious mind of desire defeats his conscious mind of leaving by his means.

In the west, commercials and advertisements target the unconscious minds of the people so that they can buy their products beyond their credit card limits. Politicians target the unconscious minds of the public to galvanize support for their elections.

Five years ago, the former spies of the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) targeted the unconscious minds of the Ethiopian elites to buy support until they strengthen their power.

The former spies spread the propaganda of “Ethiopia is an addiction and “dead or alive, we all are Ethiopians” both on their domestic and the diaspora mass media to melt down the unconscious minds of the elites and it worked more than any commercial or advertisement ever produced on earth. The sold-out elites called the former EPRDF spies the biblical Musse and Iyasu, and the Ethiopian people who has strong respect for educated people followed.

The intellectuals completely forgot what the former spies did to the Ethiopian people for 25 years. They disregarded the vanished 2.4 million Amaras, the massacred Ethiopians in tens of thousands, tortured thousands, the displaced millions, and the disappeared thousands. They acted as if they do not know that Legesse Zenawi rarely left his office to torture or kill people, but it was these spies that trapped millions through licking people’s ears and telephone wires.

In fact, the unconscious minds of the elites forgave the criminals on the behalf of the dead and the disabled without any moral and legal authorities. This shows that their unconscious minds decisively defeated their conscious minds to the point that they bow to their blood-soaked feet and became their propagandists.

The purpose of spiritual or modern education is to strengthen the power of the conscious mind so that it can always win the battle with the unconscious mind.  History is the witness that the Ethiopian spiritual education built the conscious minds of our grandfathers on rocks, and no cunning propaganda, commercial or advertisement moved them an inch from their principles.  On the other hand, we observe the modern Ethiopian intellectuals being deceived by robbers and murderers with long history of vivid criminal records.

Whether we like it or not, the fate of any nation depends on the strength of that nation’s intellectuals and elites. Our spiritually educated grandfathers whose conscious minds always defeated their unconscious minds protected Ethiopia’s five- thousand years history, physical and cultural wealth, sovereignty, and unity.  On the other hand, our modern intellectuals, whose unconscious minds defeat their conscious minds, fractured the country into pieces. The five- thousand years glorious history will be resurrected ONLY when the conscious minds of intellectuals defeat their unconscious minds. Thank you.


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  1. This flooding disaster is happening in the 3 countries of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the deadly disaster is happening both in Somali and Oromia regions. There is also the opposite side of flooding; serious drought has been taking place in some localities in the Amhara region where scores have died from starvation already. Not only drought and flooding, epidemic diseases like malaria, dengue and typhoid are also killing scores of people in Ethiopia. All these calamities are taking place in our old country on top of deadly stupid wars started by totally stupid individuals that have already killed more than a million people and still killing hundreds.

    We and all of us in the Diaspora are extremely fortunate enough to live thousands of miles away from such deadly calamities. But this opportunity should come with responsibility and expectations. We should abstain from all acts that will make the dire situation back in the old country getting worse. We should use the last spare penny we have in our pocket to help those noble people who are thrown into the calamities at no choice of their own. It seems Mother Nature and wicked humans are ganging up on them. We will be blessed for that! Let’s go!!!

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