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Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winner’s latest genocidal motto: everything to the war front

November 18, 2023

If the west was complicit in the Rwandan genocide, it certainly is an accomplice in the ongoing Amhara genocide.

Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, colonel Abiy Ahmed, has the dubious distinction of being the only one to get the prize while committing genocide against his own people, explaining why the majority of Ethiopians, including this author, vehemently expressed their outrage when the Nobel committee announced its decision and urged the committee to reconsider its decision, if only for its own sake.

When colonel Abiy Ahmed (who was once the head of Ethiopia’s notorious secret service) was nominated for the prize, he has already waged genocidal war on the Somali of Ethiopia in Somali region, on the Gugi of Ethiopia in Gugi region, and on the Amhara of Ethiopia in Wellega and Benshangul regions, massacring hundreds of thousands and displacing millions, making Ethiopian’s internal displacement the worst in recent memory, worse than even Syrian’s .  He has already made genocidal public statement like.

  1. If you threaten my power even slightly, hundreds of thousands will be slaughtered in a single night.” (Immediately after the fake coup d’état he himself plotted was said to be “aborted”).
  2. If you think Mengistu’s red terror was a horror, mine will be twenty times worse.”  (Belittling one of the darkest, if not the darkest, times in Ethiopian history, that is, until the rise of Abiy Ahmed).
  3. When Amharas are slaughtered, we do them favor by planting trees to shadow their graveyard.” (In a speech given in the Ethiopian parliament)
  4. Oromos are the elephants of Ethiopia and, as such, their God given role is to crush and subjugate all other Ethiopians and make Ethiopia an empire of Oromos for Oromos by Oromos” (In a speech delivered to Oromo extremists in Bale Goba, Ethiopia)


After he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, as if encouraged by it, Abiy Ahmed continued his genocide on much grander scale.  Not satisfied by the vicious massacre of hundreds of thousands of Amhara in different non-Amhara region of Ethiopia, he started waging a full-blown genocidal war on the entire Amhara population in the entire Amhara region, fully exploiting all means of genocide available to him, chief among which are Turkey supplied drones.   He has openly vowed he will not abate, let alone stop, his ongoing genocidal campaign until he made the Amhara an insignificant minority completely insignificant in Ethiopian politics, if not cleanse them altogether.  To this end, his newest motto is “everything to the war front” whereby he openly threatened that, if necessary, he will go as far as marshalling everything at his government’s disposal to his genocidal war effort, putting everything else on hold.

The hypocrisy of the Nobel Peace Prize foundation and that of the west in general never ceases to amaze.  What the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner (Aung San) was alleged to have done to the Rohingya by her silence is nothing compared to what Abiy Ahmed is proven to have done and is now doing to the Amhara by his anti-Amhara government.  However, unlike Aung San, Abiy Ahmed is still the west’s preferred choice for Ethiopia, if only because his victims are the Amhara and what the west calls the “Amhara Ethiopia”, the very Ethiopia epitomized by emperor Menelik  who galvanized Ethiopians of all ethnicities and background to crushingly defeated European colonialists at Adwa, paving the way for the decolonization of the entire continent of Africa.

Were the true intent and purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize to promote peace and encourage peace makers, colonel Abiy Ahmed, who has waged and is now waging numerous genocidal wars against his own people, should have been stripped of his Nobel prize a long time ago.  Abiy Ahmed’s genocidal crime is so egregious that the Nobel committee should have no problem making him an exception to its hard and fast rule of not revoking a prize once awarded.

However, the Nobel Peace Prize foundation has an ulterior motive which takes precedence over all other motives, that is, if the foundation indeed has other motives.  And that ulterior motive is definitely not peace, that is peace to the non-western world.  After all, this is a peace prize denied to the greatest of all peaceful leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, if only because his peaceful struggle was against the worst of all colonizers, the Anglo-Saxon.

As all informed people of the world know too well, the west is highly selective in its outrage of ethnic cleansing and the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing but the west’s means of giving credence to its selectivity.  For undeniable proofs, one has to look no further than the recent awardees of the Nobel Peace Prize who happen to be either western puppets like Abiy Ahmed or so called “dissidents” exclusively from countries (Russia, Belarus & Iran) seriously challenging the neocolonial domination of the west.

In the case of Abiy Ahmed versus Amhara, the west has dropped all semblance of justice and has openly sided with an outright criminal.  After all, it was none other than the American special envoy to East Africa, Mr. Michael Hammer, who openly threatened to “deal with FANNO groups active in the area”, openly admitting the US is fully behind Abiy Ahmed’s genocidal war against the Amhara.  If the west was complicit in the Rwandan genocide, it certainly is an accomplice in the ongoing Amhara genocide.


Mesfin Arega


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  1. It is not fair to deny the West the copy right (patent right) for the ongoing Amhara genocide. The role of an accomplice belittles the role the west played in the design and production of a genocidal state by creating the conditions for the imposition of an ethnic apartheid political system anchored on Amhara hate. The Rwanda genocide and the cascade of events that caused the depopulation of Eastern Congo, the demise the of the Mobuto government was a mining resources control project effectively executed by the West.

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