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The UN recommended resolving the dispute over the GERD under the AU

dam 27Addis Ababa, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina)  Most of UN Security Council countries on Thursday advised the authorities of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to agree on how to exploit the dam solely through AU-led negotiations.

Ethiopia, in a letter addressed to the UN, rejected the intention by the League of Arab States to intervene in the matter and criticized the Egyptian and Sudanese Governments for trying to bring the issue to the Security Council.

FANA Broadcasting Corporate highlighted the statements at the Council by the representatives of China, Kenya and Russia, which encouraged to reach an agreement as soon as possible and initiate programs to use the Nile River waters to benefit the riverside nations.

That governmental step was supported by several protesters in New York, the United States, where they rejected the GERD inclusion in the agenda of the UN executive body and called to respect the Ethiopian right to take advantage of its natural resources.

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Since its construction began in 2011, the dam has caused disagreements especially between Ethiopia and Egypt, and although talks along with Sudan to determine how to exploit it started in 2014, their differences remain unresolved.



  1. Now it will be up to the three nations to go back to the negotiating table and hammer out a resolution that will safeguard the rights and security of all. Stubbornness should give way to negotiating in good faith. It starts with a statute that Ethiopia has the rights to harness its natural resources for the good of the people. Egypt and Sudan should not suffer from the building and operation of the dam. Trying to shake down those black folks ain’t gonna work. So far Ethiopia has made no secret about the dam. It has kept both Sudan, Egypt and the rest of the world abreast with the latest status of the dam from the beginning and now including the fillings of the dam. I don’t find any double talking on the Ethiopian side but it is a different story on the other sides. Egypt’s foreign minister tells the world today that the first or the second filling would have no adverse effect on the flow and size of water reaching his country now or next year and then he makes 360 degrees roundabout and cries foul. It is all fine at 09:00 AM in the morning and it is a crime committed at 02:00PM in the afternoon. Egypt seems hell bent to get the key to operate the dam because it understands that there is nothing that could be done to stop the dam from completion. It is too late. Egyptian leaders think those black folks do not have the intelligence to run and managed such a massive dam. They also know using their military will be a total disaster and they may end up losing the Blue Nile forever.

  2. Subject: “The UN recommended resolving the dispute over the GERD under the AU” July 9, 2021
    July 9, 2021

    Humble Comment, 9 July 2021
    I have said it before and I repeat it again and will keep on saying it for ever.
    The Leader of Egypt will NEVER listen to the “Abid” [ translated as “SLAVE” ] to the Ancient Independent Black African State —- ETHIOPIA.. The Leader of Egypt will only repeat the shameful legacy of the ancient British dictate, oblivious of the modern time and adamantly being ignorant and neglecting the source of the Blue Nile for time immemorial. . Let us be honest. Will there ever be a civilized solution with such blind and wild arrogance??? The Leader of Egypt will never listen to any BLACK AFRICAN STATE on any subject of importance. The inherent hatred towards Black African People, by blind people like the Egyptian Leader, has no bound. The solution is too frightening to contemplate. THE END

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