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Taye Atske Selassie Made, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations delivers brief remarks

Remarks by Amb Taye Atske-Selassie, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN Security Council

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  1. What a moving speech and to the point. Right on Brother, Right on!!!

    Egypt knows and understands fully well that Ethiopia has the inspiration and a plan to build a dam going back to the times of the late Emperor in the 1960’s. Nasser knew about it, Sadat had heard enough from the horse’s mouth and Mubarak had seen it started. The current president el-Sisi and his men are smart enough to know very well that there is nothing they can do to stop the dam from being completed. They have other ‘ambition’ and there is an ulterior motive behind them mumbling about the colonial era so-called treaties of 1902, 1929 and 1959. They also know very well that colonial treaty do not bode well with black folks including to some extent even their lapdog Sudan itself. They are not that dumb. But what they are trying to achieve could be two things:
    1) Pressure Ethiopia to bring in Egyptian experts to be part of the management of the dam
    2) Force Ethiopia to pay reparation ‘for economic loss’ Egypt incurs because of the dam. They have talked about this ‘loss’ in their past muttering. They were saying that could be in billions every year. You watch! That will be some crap we will be deafened with once the dam is up running and Ethiopia’s economy goes into a booming spell.

    The other option they have entertained since the 1960’s is make use of sellouts among us here and there in country and disrupt the delivery of electricity by blowing up the transmission line. That was the only reason they helped create the ELF in 1960 in Cairo. Even Brother President Isaias had mentioned about Egypt’s main and only motive in helping him and his front in the 1970’s and 80’s which was intended to destabilize Ethiopia.
    Above all, the 1902 Treaty was rendered defunct in 1936 when Britain(UK) supported Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia. If the 1902 Treaty was abrogated by one of the signatories then 1929 and 1959 will have no legal base to be binding by Ethiopia.

    In any case, folks, be ready to hear more and more accusations and moaning from the speakeasies in Al-Qahirah until the cows come home for years to come.

  2. Hello Everyone!!! Shhhhhhhhh! I am whispering to you. Keep the noise down. BBC has not said anything new about Ethiopia for days until today. Finally it seems that well paid activist reporters at BBC have got Ethiopia off its case for a moment. Shhhhhhh!!!! Baby BBC is having its beauty rest. Quiet!!!! Please join me while I am humming with Nolwenn Leroy’s lullaby ‘Song of The Sea’ that goes like:

    Hush now, mo stóirín
    Close your eyes and sleep
    Waltzing the waves
    Diving in the deep

    Now join me in the soothing chorus:

    Oh won’t you come with me
    Where the moon is made of gold
    And in the morning sun
    We’ll be sailing!!!

    Shhhhhhhhh!!! Baby, see ya in the morning!!! Shhhhhhhhh!!!!

    My yaazamaan sahibi from Al-Qahirah just shot me an email telling me how el-Sisi and his lieutenants are hopping mad about BBC saying nothing damaging about the old country for days. They are accusing BBC of dereliction duty and demand an immediate refund of millions they had poured in the pockets of every activist BBC reporter.

    For now there is ‘Do Not Disturb. Baby Napping’ sign on the door. Nolwenn! Hit it!!!

    Castles in the sand
    Cradles in the trees
    Don’t cry, I’ll see you by and by


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