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The Oromo Federal Congress has elected Mr. Jawar Mohammed as the party’s vice chairman

March 26, 2022

Addis Abeba –  The opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) today commenced its second general assembly in the capital Addis Abeba.

The deputy head of OFC’s youth league, Gurmesa Ayano told Addis Standard that the main agenda of the assembly is the party’s internal matters and the current state of affairs of the country as well as the planned national dialogue. “Although the party is set to confer about the future direction of the party, issues related to the national dialogue will be discussed too,” Gurmessa said.

Gurmessa recalled that the party wasn’t able to hold its regular assemblies per its bylaws due to the country’s political instability and the troubles the party was facing. The general assembly is set to take place between March 26 and 27 and over 600 people will participate in it, he said.

Members of OFC such as Jawar Mohammad, Bekele Gerba, Dejene Tafa, Hamza Borana, and many others were released from 18 months-long detention in January alongside several other individuals who were arrested shortly after the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa.

The party has since expressed optimism about restoring peace and rebuilding Ethiopia through reconciliation, genuine negotiation, and dialogue among nations and nationalities of the country. 




  1. In other words, Jawar is in the wings to replace Dr. Merera. His spitting image Eskinder, on the other hand, is the president of the Amhara ultra-nationalist Balderas (a close ally of Abn) and founded by Eskinder, himself as the keynote speaker, a large size picture of himself adorning the stage of a beer hall (get the symbolism?). The latest news by Balderas was a discovery of Oromo flag next to Ethiopian flag in one Addis Ababa school! Wow! And students at the school singing Oromo anthem. Now you go over to Amhara or other regions to discover that each regional state has two flags and two anthems and you conclude that Balderas is on a smear campaign because it does not have any substantive issues to address and thus has built its very foundation on gossip, hate, and violence. No different from Jawar, Shene, and Tplf.

  2. Now both these young men are released from jail and have found their freedom, Obbo Eskinder and Jawar have both to grow up. That country, that glorious and gem of the colored is not like a fixable desktop ornament that can be broken and put back together. It is in a fragile state and one you two help it broken it will shatter into tiny pieces and you or no one else can return it to its original one piece. Having dedicated followers comes with a huge responsibility. You should always keep in mind that no matter where they come from or what their ethnicity identifies them as such, at the end of the day they are brothers and sisters. You should never think again about sending some of your followers to Egypt or some wilderness joint for military training so they can come back to duke it out in the capital. I can tell you this as a fact. It is not the first time Oromos lived at several localities where they are surrounded by Amhara majority. It is not also new for Amharas to live in so many localities where they were surrounded by a majority Oromos. It is not new and has been around for centuries. They knew and had devised means to live in harmony until that demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism set its foot in the minds of intellectuals who used to be just as young as you are. The Almighty’s Our Creator eternal curse Shall be upon you if you call my harmonious Oromos extremists and equally so The Almighty Our Creator’s Shall cast his eternal curse upon you if you call our noble neighbors Amharas as fascists/neftegnas. The same eternal curse Shall cast upon you if you call our upright brothers and sisters of Tigray using ‘Woyane’ as pejorative epithet. Don’t even think about denigrating our harmonious neighbors in Afar, Somali, Sidama, Benishangul, Gambela and the rest of groups of people who call that country their home. I had said many times in the past and I can say it again with all assertiveness. All the injustices emanating from marginalization are all solvable(reformable) through step-by-step peaceful struggle without wholesale incrimination of others and without taking to the bushes for violent alternatives. That did not work and we came to realize that in the most painful ways. Didn’t we? Let’s not recycle such violent and destructive ways. It is not funny, okay!!!!

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