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American Political Analyst Calls on UN to Investigate Recent Statements of WHO Director-General

March 27, 2022
Analyst Lawrence Freeman

The United Nations has to investigate the recent statements made by the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, on Tigray for being one-sided and intervening in the affairs of sovereign country, the veteran political analyst Lawrence Freeman said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the analyst said “I have found some of the statements recently made by the Director General of World Health Organization concerning Tigray to be very much one-sided”.

The director general has called the situation in Tigray the worst humanitarian situation in the world, Freeman recalled, adding that there are unfortunately many serious situations in the world right now.

“We have a conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine, we have a conflict where people living in horrible conditions in Yemen, we have food shortage around the world that is threatening hundreds of millions people, most of which are poor people in Africa.”

Citing other worst humanitarian situations worldwide, the political analyst argued that one has to question whether he is been honest or whether his bias is affecting him.

Freeman further stressed that the director general has been biased, jeopardizes his priority and his objectiveness as head of the World Health Organization; and that has to be looked into.

“The question of infringing in the sovereignty of independent nation is very serious, and I have seen some of his tweets and some of his comments. This raises genuine questions whether he is playing his role in favor of TPLF. It certainly appears that way in his tweets and comments…. I think the UN has to investigate this because the UN is the body having 194 to 197 independent nations and part of its charter is the sovereignty of each nation must be respected.”

According to the American political analyst, intervening in the affairs of the sovereign nation of Ethiopia and those actions are unacceptable and therefore they have to be examined and looked into and investigated by the United Nations.

Last January, the Government of Ethiopia also stated that “He (WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom) has spread harmful misinformation and compromised WHO’s reputation, independence, credibility which is evident from his social media postings.”


  1. The conduct of Dr. Teodros Adhanom warrants scrutiny but the UN has not been acting to correct his misconducts or hold him accountable for his violations of the organizations codes of conduct.

  2. The call by Mr. Freeman is valid and justifiable considering the position Dr. Teodros has in the WHO. Many of his tweets and public comments should have disqualified him as the Director General of the WHO but neither the board nor UN officials have reacted to his misuse of his position. I think his failure to abide by the codes of conduct of the WHO is due to his background as the core member of TPLF. The TPLF as a fascist political organization is alien to modern ideas, accountability, the rule of law and openness. His leadership is also harming the WHO and UN as international organizations because he spends considerable time to promote and disseminate the agenda of his poetical party, the TPLF.

  3. Mr. Teodros acts as a person who have never been in school. In fact, we heard he had a biology degree but no one can be sure he went school. TPLF cadres have been purchasing degrees on line. His writings and speech are all manifests ignorance. He was health director in Ethiopia because of his position as a cadre of TPLF who ruled the country for 30 years. He used his positions to commit many crimes against humanity and he never been investigated.. He should stand justice in international court.

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