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The International Community Should Openly Condemn TPLF’s Mobilization for War

The international community (IC) should clearly condemn the preparation of the terrorist TPLF for another round of war, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

Some international media and journalists have recently been exposing the TPLF for recruiting forcibly teenagers up to the elderly.

The spokesperson told ENA that Ethiopia has been demonstrating its unfettered commitment to peace and by taking concrete measures; and the international community should realize this.

Among the measures taken by the government include establishment of the National Dialogue Commission to resolve the recurrent challenges in a sustainable manner, and an indefinite humanitarian truce that enables the transportation of humanitarian assistance to Tigray.

Dina also recalled the holding of talks with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, US Special Envoys and other members of the diplomatic community to bring peace.

Even if the government is still taking clear steps to show its commitment to peace and came a long way for peace, the terrorist TPLF is making preparations for another round of war.

According to the spokesperson, efforts are being exerted to make the international community aware of  TPLF’s forceful armed recruitment and put pressure on the group.

The international community should strongly condemn TPLF’s recent mobilization and forceful recruitment for a new round of war.


2 thoughts on “The International Community Should Openly Condemn TPLF’s Mobilization for War”

  1. If this is true that TPLF leaders are about to launch an all out military offensive on Eritrea and the areas near Tigray, then that goes contrary to what Secretary Blinken told Colbert on his show today. It is really getting more and more confusing. I was surprised to hear the secretary mentioning the conflict by including that specific region, Tigray. I am not sure even if Colbert knows the conflict by name as referenced by Secretary Blinken. He used that as one of the successes of the current administration in finding peaceful resolutions around the globe. And now this! What is going on out there? If war breaks out again even between the TPLF and Eritrea only it is going to be terrifyingly brutal, a bloodbath unseen in that part of the region. When it is over it will be one having the other erased and the survivor will be staggering around mortally wounded. It is reported that Debre and his group may have raised a fully armed and trained army of more than one million fighters. As ‘former’ deacons of Mao, number drives their war plans which is overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers and routing it. With the squabbling between opposing groups within the Amhara and Oromia regions Debre may find success in his war plan there. Nonetheless when all is said and done it will be the gullible youth who will carry the brunt of the bloodbath. That breaks my heart.

  2. Here is the clip from Secretary Blinken interview on Colbert Show. I found it posted on YouTube. Forward to 01:47 and you can hear him telling Colbert about the truce. A truce agreed by warring factions in the presence of a third and powerful party is not something that can be invalidated by one or both parties on a whim. I don’t get it. I don’t understand all this war drums going on over that joint.

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