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Families searching whereabouts of former Amhara state Special Forces commander

Brigadier General Tefera Mamo

Addis Abeba – After reports surfaced that Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, the former commander of Amhara regional state Special Forces, was missing since last night, his wife confirmed today that he did not come home after he went to meet a friend on Monday 17 May at around 11:15 AM local time.

Menen told the BBC Amharic that despite her efforts going to Addis Abeba Police and Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau in the capital to request her husband’s whereabouts, she was told that “he has not been in custody”.

Brig. Gen. Tefera was in charge of the region’s special forces when military offensive by Tigrayan forces swept through a large part of the regional state before their withdrawal in December last year. But on 17 February 2022 he was removed from his position and appointed as Security Adviser to the President Amhara region, Dr. Yilikal Kefale, a position he declined to take.

In recent weeks, he has been making several media appearances accusing the federal government of working to “weaken” the Amhara regional state security structure including criticizing crackdowns against the Fano armed structure. He also accused some senior members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) of not having the military skill and interest, as well as being part of conspiracies to mount a successful military deterrence against Tigrayan forces.

“He is accustomed to detention and has endured it but we are concerned about his health”

His wife Menen

According to his wife, Brig. Gen. Tefera traveled from Bahir Dar, the capital of Amhara state, to Addis Abeba to seek medical attention regarding the bullets shrapnel in his legs. “He is accustomed to detention and has endured it but we are concerned about his health,” she said.

Neither the federal nor the Addis Abeba police commissions have commented on the matter as of the writing of this news.


Bir. Gen Tefera was leading the regional state’s Special Forces until he was detained with 52 others in connection with the 22 June 2019 assassination of senior officials, including the region’s president and its attorney general. But on 19 December 2019 all charges brought against him and a few others including Col. Alebel Amare, Col. Beamlak Tesfa & Commander Getnet Shiferaw, were dropped and the cases were closed by the region’s prosecutor office. Bir. Gen Tefera was reinstated to his previous position in July 2021.

He was one of the top military officers jailed in 2009 accused of attempting to stage a military coup. Along with the late Bir. Gen. Asaminew Tsige, who was killed by government security forces while on the run after the assassination of the senior officials in Amhara region, and eight other senior military officers, Bir. Gen Tefera was released after nearly a decade in prison following the decision by EPRDF’s executive to release political prisoners; he was subsequently freed along with thousands in February 2018.


4 thoughts on “Families searching whereabouts of former Amhara state Special Forces commander”

  1. Menzew Yifatew Qolegnaw

    This is one of those who want to be like Tewodros. In other words people like him live in 2022 body but with the mind of 18th century so primitive in how they talk and behave. There will never be another ‘Mayisaw Kasa’ but there will be another ‘Menzew’ Tafari who was immortalized as:
    ኣጭር ነው ብላው ስውን ኣይንቁም
    የኔ ኣባ ጣቅል ያሽናል በቁም
    ሌላው ሁሉ መሪ መንገድ ዓያየ ነው
    ተፈሪ ኣባ ጠቅል ኣባይንም ዘሎ ነው

    This is the Doba Midr Anbesaw talking!!!

  2. Menzew Yifatew Qolegnaw

    One more thing. That fag Debretsion thought he could have a piece of cake marching through my homeland Menz when he on rampage toward the capital. He brought his queer Shane concubines along. My Menzes, Yifates and Jarso Gurmus of Buta Jira teamed up and showed those queers who was in charge. Later on Debretsion and his gang of drag queens claimed to have withdrawn voluntarily. He knew then and knows now that he was lying through his mangled teeth. He had no fighters left to withdraw anyway after my Menzes dealt him the ultimate medicine. Just during one engagement alone close to 300 of his emaciated soldiers were led into a ravine that could have taken them to an all weather road all the way to the capital. But that was not happen. Once the Menzes and their allies realized those devils were at the center of the ravine it was an easy pick. In most cases they did not even have to fire their guns. Giant boulders did most of the complete decimation. Not a single TPLF or Shane queer left alive to tell the story. My Menzes and their unwavering partners were the ultimate circuit breakers on Debretsion and his Shane concubines and will remain so until hell freezes over!!!

  3. Menzew Yifatew Qolegnaw

    መትረየስ ደገኑ ሽጉጥም ተኮሱ አሉ በርከክ በርከክ
    ዓወሬ መስያቸው ፈሪ መስያቸው
    ከመንዝ መፈጠሬን ማን በነገራቸው
    ይፋቴ መሆኔን ማን በነገራቸው
    ምንጃሬ መሆኔን ማን በነገራቸው
    ገለታ ቆርቾ፣ አነ ገርቢ ቡልቶ ፣
    አንደድሮው ሁሉ ኣሁንም ከኔ ጋር፣
    አንደዚያው አንዳሉ ማን በነገራቸው

  4. Menzew Yifatew Qolegnaw

    የኣመያው ነብር ገረሱ ዱኪ የቆላው ዓነር በቀለ ወያ
    መረሃ ቤቴው ወዳጆ ጉርሙ አነዚያ ሁሉ
    ኣሁንም ቢሆን ኣብረውኝ ኣሉ

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