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The First Hijrah Foundation Press Release

The First Hijrah Foundation 4324 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20011

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate
Once again, as the shock of the shooting of innocent Muslims in Ethiopia touched Ethiopian Muslims throughout the world, we would like to add our voice of condemnation of the murderous act by the Ethiopian Federal Police that took place in October 21where innocent lives wasted. The authorities in Southern Wolo in the towns of Degan and Gerba created a situation by apprehending well known community and religious leaders to slaughter innocent and peaceful Muslims. When it was all over, 4 were shot dead and unknown numbers of innocent people severely injured and are receiving medical treatment for their wounds not to mention the tens that were apprehended and sent to jail.
The First Hijrah Community joins Ethiopian Muslims around the world in condemnation of this criminal act by Ethiopian Authorities and urges Ethiopian Muslims to continue their peaceful struggle for Justice. We urge the Ethiopian government to immediately cease violating the human right of its citizens and show respect for the constitution. The violent actions the Ethiopian government is taking to terrorize the Muslims into submission to give up their religion for the government’s mandated foreign sect of “ahbash” will not be accepted by any decent and peace loving human being let alone Ethiopian Muslims.
We urge all peace loving people of the world to condemn the Ethiopian government’s human right violation of its people. We urge Ethiopians of other religious persuasions to stand with their Muslim country men in the peaceful struggle for justice!
“Injustice somewhere is Injustice everywhere”
May the Almighty Allah protect the innocent and bring peace to all!

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