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Mass civilian detention reported in Degahbour

Ethiopian troops are reported to have illegally detained unknown number of Ogaden civilians in Degabour for the last 48 hours. It is reported that these civilians have been taken to the military garrisons in and around Degahbour.

The detained civilians include the youth, the old, women and even some children Eyewitnesses believe that the detained civilians number more than a hundred.

Ethiopian army and its associated militia have been very active lately in forcefully displacing many civilians in rural area. As result, a heavily armed Duufaan Unit of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) conducted a coordinated military operations in response to increased harassment and war crimes being committed by the Ethiopian Army in the region of Degahbour.

The heaviest operations occurred near the vicinity of Waceys-Godle where the Ethiopian Army planned and its associated militia were planing to attack civilians living iin the village of Waceys-Godle. The ONLA received intelligence of the marauding Ethiopia troops and laid ambush near Degahbour, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. In this operation ONLA has destroyed three Urals full of soldiers.

Reports indicate that the Ethiopian army waged a counter attack and sent reinforcement this morning around 7:00 AM local time. the ONLA ambushed Ethiopian reinforcements. It is reported that 38 Ethiopian army were killed, and two military transport vehicle of the type known as Urals were destroyed.

There are ongoing reports of sustained major military battles between the ONLA and the Ethiopian army throughout Ogaden. It appears that the Ethiopian army and its associated militia went on the offensive, but are now on the defensive.


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