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The discussions at the IMF concluded without reaching a consensus

The talks between Ethiopian officials and an IMF delegation in Addis Ababa concluded after two weeks without reaching a financial agreement, as stated by the IMF in a recent announcement.

Alvaro Piris, heading an IMF delegation, achieved significant advancements in exploring ways the IMF could assist the economic plan of Ethiopian officials from March 19 to April 2, 2024, although a staff level agreement was not finalized, as per the announcement. The requirement of an IMF staff level agreement by the conclusion of March was set by bilateral creditors as a condition for granting Ethiopia a temporary suspension of debt payments in December 2023.

The enforcement of the deadline by creditors or the possibility of an extension remains uncertain. Discussions between the Ethiopian government and the Fund will persist during the IMF/World Bank Spring Discussions in Washington later this month.

The failure of IMF talks to reach an agreement can have significant implications for the global economy. When IMF negotiations break down without an agreement, it often indicates disagreements among member nations over crucial economic policies or financial assistance packages. This could lead to increased uncertainty in financial markets, volatility in exchange rates, and potentially hindered economic growth, especially in countries reliant on IMF support.

The inability to reach an agreement may reflect deeper geopolitical tensions, conflicting economic interests, or differing perspectives on the appropriate measures to address economic challenges. It can also signal a lack of consensus on structural reforms necessary to stabilize economies or manage debt burdens effectively.

In such situations, there might be renewed efforts to resume negotiations or seek alternative solutions to address economic vulnerabilities. However, the failure to reach an agreement underscores the complexities and challenges in coordinating international responses to economic crises and underscores the importance of diplomatic efforts in finding common ground among member states.

2 thoughts on “The discussions at the IMF concluded without reaching a consensus”

  1. This article does not tell the whole story. It is sad to see that most websites in our Diaspora are willing to report bad news only. Yes that country is awash with bad news due to natural calamities and also calamities due to the incompetence its leaders since 1974. Such leadership incompetence is common to all of Africa. But there are also uplifting and inspiring stories coming out of the old country. There were and are still heroes who gave up their Allah blesses lives to save their neighbors from rampaging bigots. None of such true stories of those upright people was never reported by these websites among our communities overseas. Default on loan payment is not something to party about. It is not funny, okay!!! In this issue the deadline has been extended to the end of June.

  2. To the moron ITTU ABA FARDA ; demolishing one million houses in Addis Abeba and
    the so called Shger City and let million people homeless, is this natural calamity?. When Abey empose state of emergency in the Amhara region and kills childern, Women and Farmers, do you think this is natural calamity? I can go on and on

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