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The call of the political prisoner – Aklog Birara, Dr


Dear Friends:

Thousands of Amhara political prisoners continue to suffer in Abiy Ahmed Ali’s dungeons.
Among these is a female journalist/teacher/analyst/ writer by the name of Meskerem Abera.
Her intellectual acumen is beyond words.

Habtamu Assefa of Hibre Radio sent me her 92 page treatise containing key features of what the Amhara population are asking. and fighting for. I urge those who read Amharic to access the entire document from websites.

My interview with Habtamu Assefa yesterday targeted key elements of Meskerem Abera’s outstanding commentary:. Of all the asks from the Amhara people who are fighting for sheer survival, the most compelling is justice and fairness. This is a universal human need denied to Amhara and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia today. These do not exist.

I urge you to listen to the interview in its entirety and share it with as many Amharic speakers as possible. I also urge Amhara academics and intellectuals around the globe to translate Ms. Abera’s incredible analysis to English and other languages and share it globally.

I commend Meskerem Abera for her superb contribution.

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