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The TPLF Terrorist group has committed more acts of terrorism than Al Qaeda and ISIS: Gizachew Muluneh

Bahir Dar, 6 August 2021 (AMC) – The Amhara Regional State Government Communication Director, Gizachew Muluneh, said the terrorist TPLF has committed more atrocities than Al Qaeda and ISIS in Ethiopia. “The TPLF Rebellion Terrorist group is a group that has stolen our identity, ruined our history, divided our nation, divided our religion, and distorted even our religious traditions, ” the director said.
During an interview with ETV Gizachew said Ethiopia has been subjected to all kinds of abuses, adding that the terrorist organization, which has been burying many people in its barbaric act, is known for its political corruption, distorts the international community and is working with foreign enemies to destabilize, disintegrate and dissolve the country.
Gizachew said the international community is now refusing to listen to the truth due to TPLF’s past policies and skulduggerous politics. He also said that the international community’s insistant pressure on Ethiopia to open the Sudanese route unnecessarily is a result of this political manipulation.
He said while Ethiopia’s government declared an immediate, unilateral cease-fire the terrorist TPLF has evicted more than 200,000 residents of Amhara State, adding that fighting the terrorist group would require the cooperation of all, ETV reported.


  1. I believe the Amhara people need to self organize at any local and zone level to defend themselves. The leaders need to do really good job in logistics and organization. Sending people to the front and not supporting them is not a good judgemental call. We are not talking here about that mucx sought amunition but even food delivery and water supporting combatants. Also to avoid fighters fatigue they should be rotated with new recruits and given breaks. This existential threat and each should be giving its own part and not wait because his zone or town is affected. The liders also need to think to attack deep inside Tigray and if needed even Sudan so they understand harm is also going their way not only in Amharas side.If TPLF can do rag tag militant attacks then that is a green light for Amharas and. Afars to do so as well deep in Tigray. It is a fair game including cover hit to TPLF leaders. There no moral rule that prevents it while they are attacking and killing people from other regions. As for Abiy and the federal forces only time will judge them on the shame and suffering vthey have brought to many Ethiopians. Never in history we have seen these level of ineptitude or complete cowardice and treacherous acts.

    When there is extistential threat you can not go business as usual while conducting war. Everything should be ficused to the war efforts vuntil the cancer is erradicated. Business and people should be forced to help in logistics and direct efforts of war. People should only sleep if they are sure they have a replacement bto watch for them. And wait to defend is fools game when you both attack and defense can be done by the shear number of human resources that the Amhara have.It is a blunder the Amharas need to sort out and they should not expect or trust the federal forces on rescuing them. If Amharas and others who care for Ethiopia n people’s organize there is no TPLF or other internal or external bforce that can stand in front of them. TPLF would not be at this stage if Abiy did not let them to do it.

  2. Also ASF and ENDf should work harder to get intelligence information about TPLF plans and movements well ahead if they are to be in defencev position. That kind of information is paramount to save lifes of their members and the civilians. Preemptively attacking against advancing forces while in transit is better than entrenched battles.They should also use jamming of all enemies communication capabilities except theirs. Shirt term missions with rotation will also make TPLF rag tag militias intoralable. Lastly the objective should be a total annihilation of TPLF structure and not wait and defend as TPLF will never sleep to create havoc in Ethiopia.Also if true the use of drugs by TPLF child soldiers cutting that supply and if there is Depot for it destroying it may create important logistics and commitment issues in TPLF side

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