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The Tigray Rebellion Terrorist group take control of UNESCO site Lalibela: residents say

Aougst 6, 2021

The Tigray Rebellion Terrorist group from Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray region on Thursday took control of the town of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the neighboring Amhara region, local residents said.

Lalibela famed for its 12th-century rock-hewn churches is known as a holy site for millions of Orthodox Christians.

The development came as a senior Amhara official said the rebels, known as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), were pushing “deep” into Amhara territory and hinted at possible retaliation.

“I believe now, enough is enough. Because the TPLF is no more in Tigray. TPLF is moving deep into Amhara territories,” said Amhara deputy governor Fanta Mandefro, adding that “We need to defend our people.”

Tigray has been wracked by fighting since last November. Nowadays, the fighting is spreading into Amhara and Afar, another region bordering Tigray.

The town fell without a fight, multiple residents in the town said on Thursday.

“They came in the afternoon, and there was not any fighting. There were no security forces around. The TPLF forces are in the town now,” one resident said.

“Most of the people are leaving the town to the remote areas,” a third resident said, adding that he was hiding in his home with his family.


Women walk in front of a burnt truck near Dansa, southwest of Mekele in Tigray region, Ethiopia, June 20, 2021.

The Rebellion & Terrorist group’s push into the neighboring regions has elicited global criticism, with the UN additionally reiterating calls for all parties to end hostilities.

Billene Seyoum, Abiy’s spokeswoman, told a press conference Thursday that more than 300,000 people had been displaced by recent fighting in Amhara and Afar.

World leaders, meanwhile, are urging the TPLF to commit to a ceasefire to facilitate aid delivery in Tigray, where the UN estimates fighting has pushed 400,000 people into famine-like conditions.

The United States urged the rebels to protect the heritage site with State Department spokesman Ned Price also renewing calls for an end to the violence.

A UN spokesman said on Thursday that up to 175 aid trucks carrying humanitarian aid had arrived in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray region.

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said the current aid is not sufficient, with an estimated 100 trucks needed every day to assist 5.2 million people there in need, said Stephane Dujarric, the chief spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The spokesperson called for a political solution to the conflict in Tigray as fighting has spilled into Afar.

(With input from AFP, Xinhua)


  1. Breaking news: Gonder is now encircled and soon be fully under control. Amhara and Oromo prosperity goons will be arrested. No where to escape .Addis abeba will be next .

    Bring Amhara elites in Diaspora to ICC

    Bring Alem, SLW, Yetesfa chilanchil , Wedi nakfa, Al Mariam, prof of khat and voddoo, Ittu Abbo Farda, Henok Alemayehu ze habesha (ashokshaki) Abel Birhanu , borkena, Habtamu of 360 and their accomplice to ICC. TPLF is light of Ethiopia and Great Dam and all those hospitals , bridges and schools are products of TPLF.

  2. Amharas, Show your Force claims “Amhara must learn how to be cruel and merciless just like TPLF/ISIS” , but amhara is known for cruelty and barbaric killings of children and mothers including religious people in their own home in Tigray . This might not be true , they are not in Lilibela , how come Amhara coudn’t control its region while intending to rule a foreign land ?It must be photoshop or some other forces from Jupiter ? Tigray is also a sacred land why did you let pagan eritreans to infest it and kill holy men ? are you shift to this religious and sacred politics from child recruiting agenda ? You are so faster than a wind ?

    Who is gonna teach you how to kill but known to be killers
    Amhara elites donot need anyone to teach them to become genociders it is in their blood inherited from their forefathers.

  3. Debre and his goons will blow this site up and blame it on the other guys. You watch!!!
    Meanwhile, the news coming out of that country about this conflict and others is so laced up and many times souped up it is almost impossible to know which one is fact and which is not. I tell you what! This is the one I will never want to be a policy maker. One is telling me he just took control of this or that town and his opponent is telling me he has ‘the enemy’ on the run. Something is being deliberately being misrepresented and such/misrepresentation could lead to a development that may end up to be so shocking that will leave everyone in disbelief. This always happens where independent reporting is a rare/nonexistent reality. Just look at what is being told at this very incident. You will come across reports quoting ‘government’ sources that ‘the terrorists’ has entered this heritage site while fleeing for their lives. Now this is going to be a nightmare. If someone goes in there to dislodge the rebels they will leave every hewn in chards and pieces. Then the blaming game will be on ad nauseam. Misrepresentation has some benefits because it gives momentary pleasure/satisfaction to the listeners/readers. Thinking a success, the misrepresentation will keep piling up so high it will reach to a point where it can’t stand straight up and will suddenly crumble disintegrating the foundation. Then we will see the country itself falling apart into oblivion. I hope and pray that will not be the case/fate for that pride of the colored. Never and ever!!!

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